Ozone Gaming Roundup

Ozone Strato 5.1 USB Headset

Strato USB Headset

Secondly in our Ozone round-up we have the Strato 5.1 Headset. At the professional level of gaming the ability to aurally pinpoint your enemy can really give you the cutting edge over your opponents, and naturally a surround headset is ideal for this.

Here are the specifications from the Ozone website. The main thing to notice here is that yes, the headset contains four speakers per cup. The sub-woofer is positions below the centre speaker so should provide a real kick of bass.


The packaging for the Strato headset nicely follows the packaging for the Smog mouse. It's always nice to see a manufacturer keeping a holistic view of their products and this is as sturdy and classy as we saw with the Smog. Large clear logos in the scratch font adorn the front and side panels, with the back of the packaging showing a clear picture of the headset and a sensibly sized specifications panel.

Around the front we find a nice big clear panel allowing us a good look at the rather attractive headset. 


Simplicity is the watchword on the top with the Ozone "O" being the only predominant feature. Opening up the thick cardboard packaging reveals the Strato headset in all its glory in a well formed piece of plastic. It's nice to see the section between the headphones is tall too ensuring the box wont get squished accidentally.


The Headset itself

Once removed from their plastic haven we can get a closer look. The part that you can't fail to notice are the side pods that house the surround speakers. The ear pieces themselves are very flexible as befits their design as a professional item. The ear cups are finished in a lovely leather that oozes quality.

Reversing them shows the nice way the microphone has been attached to the earpieces. Often we can find that a pair of headphones are designed, and then a microphone added. Here it's very much an integral part of the design.


As you can see they collapse very well for easy portability. On the headband itself is a glossy reproduction of the Strato logo, nicely finished it black to continue the classy theme that exudes throughout the entire headset.


Microphones fall into two categories. Either very stiff and you have to make the best of it, or so mobile you spend your entire gaming session having to put it back. Ozone have managed to combine both these elements into a microphone boom that is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre and position exactly where you desire, the boom itself is particularly flexible, and yet once in place it will stay where it's put. Unless you're head-banging hard.


Control of the Strato headset utilises both software and an in-line remote volume control. In-line control is excellent with everything within easy reach ensuring you're not constantly swapping back to the control panel to adjust per game.


Finally here you can see them being worn by our glamorous assistant. Please try and concentrate on the Strato headset and no she isn't available for Vogue cover-shoots. We've got her locked up under contract.

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Most Recent Comments

03-03-2010, 10:45:06

Nice review Tom and thanks to the glamourous assistant

The headset looks cracking and it's a great price.

Can I ask to see a picture of the connecters please? Didn't see any info on them. I assume they're typical PC 3.5mm jacks?Quote

03-03-2010, 10:57:11

Great review BUT (imo) the company is doing it all wrong. There is so many companies out there that offer cheap reliable cloth mats, headsets and mice, what makes these so special? I know I would rather go and buy a product from a company such as Qpad and Razer even if their products are a bit more pricey.

They should of went into making something out of the ordinary, gamers have always wanted more control over their game, invent something new. I can't see them selling to 'professional gamers', when I was competitive gaming I got my equipment free from major sponsors and companies. It would take me a lot to jump to these, the only way gamers would spread their name is if they sponsored a few people/teams.

I've seen it happen before, companies don't research the products, let's hope this company is different.Quote

03-03-2010, 11:00:28

Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Nice review Tom and thanks to the glamourous assistant

The headset looks cracking and it's a great price.

Can I ask to see a picture of the connecters please? Didn't see any info on them. I assume they're typical PC 3.5mm jacks?
Its USB Kemp, Im sure I stated it when talking about the remote and wanting to disable the headphones with out removing it from the pc each time.Quote

03-03-2010, 12:51:06

Ahh USB, missed that obviously.

Won't be getting those thenQuote

03-03-2010, 19:31:49

The presentation of the products seems to scream Razer clone but I guess that's a good thing.

That mousemat looks cool. Simplistic. I like. Quote

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