Ozone Gaming Roundup

Ozone Ground Level Mousepad

Ozone Ground Level Mousepad

Following on from the technical nature of the Strato Headset and the plethora of information regarding the Smog Mouse, we now move on to the infinitely simpler Ground Level Mousepad.


Once again the black and red theme is continued across the whole Ozone range and looks as classy on this small mousepad packaging as it does on the big headset. Unlike many mousepads although it comes rolled up in a sturdy cardboard tube it also has an inner plastic case ensuring it will remain crisp and clean until you need it. It's also handy and light for carrying about with you to your next gaming session.


The rear of the box supplies the usual extra information that one expects to find on the back of pretty much every product these days.

Once out the box and unrolled it flattens out nicely and quickly with none of the limp-lettuce look that some can have until you stack an encyclopaedia on them. The mat itself is very attractive with a simple black background covering the main usage area which should help eliminate any minor laser problems that can occur with large graphics.


Down at Ground Level

In the bottom right hand corner we find the Ozone logo screen printed, and on the top left a very attractive blood splat that will confound the Rorschach fans amongst us. Personally it's a Dragon looking left. 


There are three sizes available within the Ground Level series, Small (250x210mm), Medium (320x285mm) and the Large that we have on test today, measuring a not insubstantial 400x320mm. Both the small and medium Ground Level Mousepads are 2mm thick, whereas the Large model is 3mm. Very thin indeed.

Mousepads fall into two categories, hard and soft. The hard mats are usually designed for more speed whereas the soft, or cloth, mats are designed for more comfort and easier all around usage. Ozone have chosen to go for the softer cloth route which should ensure a good performance in all our tests. 

The design of the pad follows the rest of the Ozone items we have on test. This point can't really be emphasised too much. So often even gaming hardware manufacturers produce a disparate array of items in either various colours or designs that it is nice to see a coherence across the whole range.


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Most Recent Comments

03-03-2010, 10:45:06

Nice review Tom and thanks to the glamourous assistant

The headset looks cracking and it's a great price.

Can I ask to see a picture of the connecters please? Didn't see any info on them. I assume they're typical PC 3.5mm jacks?Quote

03-03-2010, 10:57:11

Great review BUT (imo) the company is doing it all wrong. There is so many companies out there that offer cheap reliable cloth mats, headsets and mice, what makes these so special? I know I would rather go and buy a product from a company such as Qpad and Razer even if their products are a bit more pricey.

They should of went into making something out of the ordinary, gamers have always wanted more control over their game, invent something new. I can't see them selling to 'professional gamers', when I was competitive gaming I got my equipment free from major sponsors and companies. It would take me a lot to jump to these, the only way gamers would spread their name is if they sponsored a few people/teams.

I've seen it happen before, companies don't research the products, let's hope this company is different.Quote

03-03-2010, 11:00:28

Originally Posted by name='Kempez'
Nice review Tom and thanks to the glamourous assistant

The headset looks cracking and it's a great price.

Can I ask to see a picture of the connecters please? Didn't see any info on them. I assume they're typical PC 3.5mm jacks?
Its USB Kemp, Im sure I stated it when talking about the remote and wanting to disable the headphones with out removing it from the pc each time.Quote

03-03-2010, 12:51:06

Ahh USB, missed that obviously.

Won't be getting those thenQuote

03-03-2010, 19:31:49

The presentation of the products seems to scream Razer clone but I guess that's a good thing.

That mousemat looks cool. Simplistic. I like. Quote

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