Razer Orochi Mobile Mouse

COH and Conclusion

Razer Orochi    Mobile Mouse

Company of Heroes

What would a mouse review be without the greatest RTS of all time? Well a page shorter I guess.

The great benefit of CoH, apart from being a delight to play, is that it combines everything our tests do into one overview. We know it's an accurate responsive mouse, and that the wireless abilities of it are excellent, so really we're looking mainly at comfort and just making sure that we haven't missed anything.

Indeed we haven't. All the good features we saw on the previous page remained good here and no amount of poking, prodding or playing like a clutz could put the Orochi off its stride.

So with all the tests out the way, what can we conclude?


Let's start with the bad. Or at least, the not as good. I carefully avoided mentioning it in our tests for fear of repetition. However if, like me, you're blessed/cursed with good sized hands the small stature of the Orochi is quite a pain. As a palm player I really like all the extra size I can get and the small size of the Orochi became quite a pain. I was constantly aware of having to hold it differently and if I stopped concentrating I quickly found myself clicking buttons that weren't there because they were under my knuckles.

If you are a fingertip player, or perhaps have tiny hands, then this wont be an issue at all. You always have to remember that all input hardware is very subjective when it comes to comfort. The actual design of the Razer Orochi is up to Razers usual high standards and as long as size isn't an issue then comfort and button placement wont be.

There is a lot of black magic going on inside the Orochi. Whether we used Bluetooth or the USB cable it responded instantly and it was very difficult to tell if you were wireless or not. I'm sure that there are some pro-gamers who are sniffing in contempt right now, but the reality is for 99% of people the difference between 1ms and 8ms is inconsequential.

Battery life is presumably good. Certainly despite a fortnight of near 24/7 usage we didn't need to change them once. For a mouse of this sensitivity and ability that's fine indeed.

Finally we tested on a proper mouse pad, a desk, a book and even our leg, and the sensor didn't flinch. Razer really have got sensor technology nailed down tight. No matter which of their models you choose you'll never doubt the excellence of it's optical technology.

The only blots on the copybook of the Orochi are the aforementioned size, of which allowances for design purpose have to be made, and the price.

At around £65 this is expensive even by Razer standards. Only the Mamba is pricier in their line-up. Sure you could argue this is the cheapest wireless mouse Razer make, but it's also more expensive than all of their wired mice. This isn't helped by the fact that it's such a niche audience Razer are targeting. If you demand absolute wireless performance then you'll pay the extra £20 for a Mamba. If you want good wired performance there are more mice than you can count in a month of Sundays. If you're a pro-gamer you wouldn't think of a small wireless mouse anyway. And if you're only using it because it's small and easily portable, again you've plenty of choices. It's just too expensive.

If, however, you are a professional laptop gamer who has tiny hands and doesn't want to put a big mouse in their pocket, Razer have just the product for you. For the rest of us, there are countless other options.

Thanks to Razer for providing the Orochi for today's review. Discuss it in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

23-04-2010, 14:23:49

I really like the scroll wheel on this mouse. I like how it looks like it's just kinda floating there. Too bad this thing is so expensive. And the size is a bit too small. I have a Deathadder and I usually have part of my palm on the mousepad and my fingers still reach the end of it. :/Quote

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