Roccat Kone Pure Ultra and Sense Surface Review


Roccat Kone Pure Ultra and Sense Surface Review


We'll start with the briefer of the two to sum up, the Roccat Sense gaming surface.

Like any product, the important element is that it does the thing it is designed to do, well. Certainly, in the case of the Sense surface as a place upon which to place your rodent it is excellent. It's flat out of the box which is something most companies could learn from, and big enough for those low-DPI settings without requiring a desk the size of an aircraft carrier to utilise.

The underside is very grippy, in perfect contrast to the top side, which has a very high quality, low friction finish. It allows your sensor to track accurately, with no unexpected hiccups along the way. If you want a fantastic cloth surface, it is as highly recommended as any we've seen.

The negative is a bit less important, although given the price and utility of the Sense, perhaps a bit of a deal-breaker. The RGB lighting around the outside of a cloth mat is something few companies have fully got right, and the Sense is, sadly, no exception. You can split the surface into two zones, but the reality is hardly the clear divide that the software would have you believe. If you stick with a single colour it's good, albeit not on a par with things like the Razer Firefly.

How much you'll desire it is largely based upon whether the RGB or the excellent surface is your primary interest. We'd go for a great surface with okay lighting over the opposite, and thus the Sense still wins our OC3D Gamers Choice Award.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra and Sense Surface Review  

The Kone Pure Ultra is a much less complicated proposition.

One of the negatives to the amount of features and capabilities stuffed onto modern mice is that all those buttons and multiple light zones come at the cost of weight. Heavier mice are harder to control, and so they also then need rubber surfaces hither and thither to help keep your rodent where you want it to be. It's a vicious cycle. No matter how good sensors become weight will always lead to inertia, so you end up with a mouse which has dozens of buttons and light zones, but is a little bit dulled in the twitch response department.

With the Kone Pure Ultra Roccat have stripped back to a single light zone in the palm area, and then done all they can to reduce the weight of the mouse itself until it tips the scales at a frankly ridiculously light 66g. Because it is so light it doesn't need further weight added to it with rubberised areas and instead can rely solely upon the smooth coating and slight thumb depression to keep it firmly in your grasp in all scenarios. You aren't compromised in features though, as the Roccat EasyShift technology lets you easily assign multiple functions to each button, and with the addition of two DPI buttons behind the scroll wheel there are plenty available, even if it doesn't tip into MOBA territory.

The Roccat Owl-Eye sensor is fantastic too. The granular DPI adjustments have a noticeable effect - that lightweight coming into play again - and whether you're running it in ultra-twitch mode, or something more leisurely, it tracks smoothly at all speeds. There is no angle snapping or dozy movements at all. Such is the quest for ever higher DPI levels on competitive mice they can sometimes take a moment to react when you are just moving tiny amounts, but the Owl-Eye has no such issues.

It's comfortable, not overly large, has excellent lighting and a fantastically good sensor. When you add in the little touches like the fact the cable hasn't been bundled into a gordian knot which requires a fortnight to flatten out to remove the resistance you get from moving the mouse in certain directions, and of course, that featherweight feel which vastly improves the responsiveness and reduces fatigue then the whole thing is a very easy mouse to recommend and wins our OC3D Enthusiast Award. That £59.99 price tag helps too.

Roccat Kone Pure Ultra and Sense Surface Review  

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Most Recent Comments

31-01-2020, 17:35:02

I've had the pure and the owl eye version these are really nice mice to the point anything else just isnt the same for me, but like anything they are not for everyone depends on many things.Quote

04-02-2020, 16:21:44

Seems like the latest rebrand of the pure is alright then.
I've had the Kone Pure (laser) and the Kone Pure Military Optical (my favourite)

Glad they've gone back to and stuck with optical, I was thinking about picking a new one upQuote

04-02-2020, 16:44:48

I don't like cloth mats. Thankfully mine is reversible, maybe Roccat should look into that.

Mouse looks nice though.Quote

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