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Input devices are usually the last thing people think about when they are spec'ing up their new rig. We can spend hours researching the latest data for graphics cards or motherboards, but when it comes to input devices we tend to do one of two things. Either we migrate the hardware we already own across to the new machine, which is what most people tend to do. Or, if we're looking for a little flash and flair we might consider looking at a new mouse.

Keyboards however are given desperately short shrift. Normally we don't bother to update unless it's dead or maybe, just maybe, we can make ourselves purchase something with lots of lights and gadgets. Considering that we probably use a keyboard the same amount you use a mouse and only slightly less than we stare at our monitors, quite why we don't give them the same consideration we give the rest of our purchases is strange. We barely look at them, and yet consider the visuals far more than we worry about how nice they are to type on or how long they will last. Anyone who knows how to touch-type knows how strange it is moving to a different keyboard so one that is built to last would be ideal.

This brings us to today's review.

SteelSeries 7G

If you've been patient enough to not skip on a page to get a look at the full item you are probably looking at the picture on the top of this page and wondering how sneaky we are being. After all, this is a gaming keyboard so just to the left of the picture must be a LCD screen or lots of bells and whistles. If you've glanced to the top of the page and seen the price you most definitely must be thinking there is. If you hadn't you have now so we've all caught up.

SteelSeries have taken a very different approach to the 7G Gaming Keyboard in that they haven't concentrated on giving you a ton of buttons you wont use and a bunch of lights that you'll want to turn off, instead they have put all their technology into making the 7G the most robust keyboard possibly on the planet. It does mean that those of you who consider something solely based upon its looks will need to bear with me. Those of us who value quality will be pleasantly surprised.

SteelSeries 7G highlights:

- No-click mechanical professional gaming keyboard
- 18K gold-plated connectors for extremely low latency
- Gaming grade lifetime: 50 million keystrokes
- Endorsed by the worlds best eSports-players

Enough of our pre-amble. Let's have a good look at the SteelSeries 7G.

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Most Recent Comments

06-02-2010, 12:20:57

Looks solid, but could I justify the cost?? No!Quote

06-02-2010, 12:27:50

Aesthetically, it looks generic.Quote

06-02-2010, 12:51:06

Whilst you aren't specific on the LCD embedded keyboard, I wonder if you have used a G19? Whilst the steelseries is undoubtedly exceptional, I find the G19 to be signinficantly above average for general use and the macro keys would be missed even around the desktop and in typing documents.

Overall good review though.Quote

06-02-2010, 13:49:02

Lol .. wow thats alot of money to invest in a keybord esp since its realy not that special ... Hmm i think that is serisly over priced for a pritty standard keybord with gold plating.....

I still think the original cherry keybords are better and lets be honist here. if you think thats going to make you a batter player in games you are so wrong lol the only way to get better in games is to play them properly.

allso the sound jacks to the keybord sound good but come on when your playing games do u realy want any wires near you kd at all. Not a chance ...

if they had a lcd and some nice real macro keys then it might be worth it but other wise thats just a show off peace of equipment that is for people with more money than sense.Quote

07-02-2010, 11:51:39

While I'm sure that it's top in terms of design and quality, I just can't see it being worth that much. Fair enough, they've cut no corners on making it perform, but I get the feeling that a lot of the cost goes into the 'we're the best' factor rather than how much it costs to design and produce. I just don't see the point of getting one of these unless you've got more money than sense and really need that tiny bit extra when there are plenty of other products out there that perform to similar level and cost half the price.Quote

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