SteelSeries Shift Keyboard and Keyset Review


SteelSeries Shift Keyboard and Keyset Review


Ah the humble keyboard.

The marketplace is full of keyboards and they're split into quite a few types. You have your basic "it's got keys" models, laptop style low pressure ones, mechanical keyboards that will survive a direct missile hit, and ones that have a unique selling point.

Today we're looking at the latter of those, a keyboard with a unique selling point, and quite a unique point it is.

Welcome to the SteelSeries Shift.

To all intents and purposes this is a keyboard the same as most others with a hybrid feel that sits nicely between the elephantine travel and pressure needed to activate a mechanical keyboard and the gentle breeze needed by a laptop style one.

The part that really separates it is the ease in which you can switch out the standard key layout for one tuned to a specific title. Before you all leap off your chairs and say "But the zBoard did that, it's hardly unique" then pipe-down a moment. The concept of the Shift is exactly that of the zBoard, but rather than the ability to switch out keysets coming at the expense of pretty much everything else as the zBoard was, this is very much a comprehensive upgrade.

So it's the idea of the zBoard, but with greatly enhanced parts to hopefully bring it up to par with the rest of the SteelSeries range.

Of course how useful this ability is to you is dependant upon how much of a slave you are to a certain title. But we're getting a little ahead of ourselves.

Let's grab a look at the Shift.

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Most Recent Comments

07-04-2011, 07:18:15

Game Over
I enjoyed that, that is a cool design. Im sure they will have to Battlefield 3 keyset in stores any day.Quote

07-04-2011, 09:15:47

Well I am glad to see we both have the same issue`s with the keyboard.

I have the keyboard myself here laying around for a review but it just doesnt work right.

After a reinstall of windows you need to download software and it automatically starting flashing.

It ends up in a bad flash in the end and keyboard is useless.

This happens every time you reinstall windows.

Service support is great and helped me out several times within a couple of days.

However since a keyboard should work straight out of the box without the need of a new flash and numerous mistypes as you said I am not impressed by the keyboard at all.

The other keyboard, the merc which I have laying around for a review aswell is briljant.

Cant see or find any flaw and works as a keyboard should.

The extra keys on the left side are briljant and any shooter guy should have such a keyboard.Quote

07-04-2011, 10:13:25

I won a Steelseries Shift last year and tbh I didn't like it. If you are a hardcore gamer it has it's advantages but for everyday use it's not that good and the only thing I miss from it are the media keys.Quote

07-04-2011, 16:28:08

I have one of these there awesome Nice review btw.Quote

08-04-2011, 08:04:28

Game Over
Im looking at getting a new keyboard as well, I do not need a bunch of fancy crap, I prefer something totaly silent, I can not stand the click clack click clack of a keyboard, Silent but still with the feel of a click. I like that positive tactile feedback.Quote

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