G.Skill Pi Series 17600 4GB Kit

Synthetic Benchmarks

Synthetic Benchmarks

To run our benchmarks, both Synthetic and the Gaming ones on the next page, we took advantage of the unlocked multiplier on the i7 870 to overclock the G.Skill Pi Series RAM whilst still keeping the CPU locked to the same speed. So any differences between the stock and OC results are purely about the RAM overclock.

Everest Ultimate

Lavalys Everest is a wonderful benchmarking suite that provides a plethora of information regarding your system. Kudos needs to be sent to Lavalys for providing a rebuilt beta in 5 hours that enabled it to fully recognise our pre-release Maximus III.

As this is a pure memory benchmark and almost unaffected by our CPU or Windows build we have also compared it against the tests we ran for Fridays Maximus III review. That used G.Skills own Trident memory running at 1333 by default. As you can see the test scales nicely to pure RAM speed irrespective of the latencies used. For anyone who read the Maximus III Extreme review and how it just scraped past 20000 MB/s in the copy test, here is the difference in genuinely fast memory. Nearly 21000 and more to come.

Speaking of latencies, here is a wonderful test that truly demonstrates how lax timings can be overcome by pure speed. 0.8ns (as near as makes no difference to nothing) separate the CL7 @ 2.2GHz and the CL10 @ 2.3GHz. To be honest I'm surprised at how close they are. The Tridents CL9 can't be overcome by the 1GHz speed difference. Will these clear results translate through the rest of our tests.


Cinema 4D

Now we move on to some of the synthetic tests that are affected by the rest of the system and freshness of install, and so we'll stick with our G.Skill Pi Series tests. There is a little difference to be seen here. Enough to show up in a graph but given the margin of error in such a tightly timed test it's not enough to put the flags out for.

Super Pi

Considering this is the G.Skill Pi Series, we couldn't let the chance slip past to run Super Pi. Usually Super Pi is a very good reflection of pure CPU clock speed but here we can see that the extra bit of speed with the overclocked RAM has improved matters. Even at stock though this is no slouch at all. With a CPU overclock to go along with it we could see some truly stunning times from the combination of 870 and G.Skill RAM.

PC Mark Vantage

Futuremarks PC Mark Vantage uses a set of inbuilt applications to ensure a very real-world benchmarking process and results that should translate across to actual application results. As today we're testing the memory we are utilising the Memory Suite of tests.

Despite the much slower latencies the Pi in its overclocked state showed a 300 point improvement over the stock version. The capabilities of this RAM in either the XMP based low-latency 2200 mode or manually clocked to 2322 it shines.

Video encoding results show how purely CPU based encoding is. With such a small throughput the RAM settings matter little and the graph reflects this.

As we move into some Windows application based tests, in this case Video Editing with Windows Movie Maker and Picture Importing into Windows Photo Gallery. Because they are involving the whole subsystem too the ability to store and retrieve information for writing to disk etc comes under close scrutiny and it's easy to see how the extra 100mhz grunt of the overclock helps.

I feel a little gaming coming on...

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24-02-2010, 16:37:01

Great review thanks. The reduced prices are realy tempting me to DDR3 now.Quote

24-02-2010, 21:26:16

You stopped doing the The Good/The Mediocre/The Bad section?Quote

24-02-2010, 21:48:53

No, but the summation was sufficiently obvious that there isn't anything mediocre or bad. So I'm not going to add a section needlessly.

Thanks for the comment.Quote

24-02-2010, 22:21:01

Great review dude. G.Skill are certainly making their presence in the UK known.Quote

25-02-2010, 08:09:54

Originally Posted by name='VonBlade'
No, but the summation was sufficiently obvious that there isn't anything mediocre or bad. So I'm not going to add a section needlessly.

Thanks for the comment.
That was my guess too. Still such a section with just a blank bad and mediocre part just looks all the more awesome Quote

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