G.Skill Trident Extreme Performance F3-16000CL9 DDR3 P55 Kit

Packaging & Appearance

Packaging & Appearance
The packaging is almost identical to the 6GB kit we reviewed previously but there are a few small differences. Thanks to the omission of one module, the packaging is smaller than that of the 6GB kit. There is also a small sticker toward the bottom of the front of the plastic blister style pack signifying that this kit is designed for the P55 chipset. Flipping the package over we see that other than the GSkill company contact information there is another sticker showing the DDR3 speed, size latency and recommended voltage.
packet front packet rear
The memory heatsinks are of the same design as before and as a wise man once said - don't fix what isn't broken. The heatsinks are almost double the height of the memory PCB which sadly has not been changed. It puzzles me why manufacturers go to all the trouble to make a very good looking heatsink then spoil it all by using 80's style green PCBs. Green matches little these days (unless of course you are a fan of DFI. Green certainly does not compliment the black and red splashed heatsink and this is an area I would like not only GSkill but other memory manufacturers to improve as soon as possible. Stick with black guys - black is the classic colour that will go with everything!
module front module rear
Aside from the PCB, the memory heatsink is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, keeping the memory ICs cool enough to ensure stable operation and protect them from damage. Personally I don't believe for one minute that having large heatsinks such as these add anything other than longevity. During testing I have run modules both with and without heatsinks and found that the heatsinks made didly squat difference when it came to overclocking. I can only assume that manufacturers are so intent on using these oversized heatsinks because more and more often, memory companies are adding lifetime warranties to their products, as is the case with GSkill.
module top module side
The thick finned heatsinks are an interesting design and it appears GSKill have made every effort to make the surface area as efficient at dissipating heat as possible. As the modules are double height, careful thought should be given to the fact that they may clash with oversized heatsinks. In testing there were no such issues with our test setup but it is something worth considering if you have a large heatsink.
module sticker module perspective
The rear of the module has a small stick not too dissimilar to the one on the rear of the product package, containing the main specifications of the modules, 2000MHz, CAS 9-9-9-24, 1.65v. That should be enough information to get the modules running at its top speed. P55 motherboards are limited to 1600MHz in stock form so you will need to overclock the memory controller to enable these sticks to run at there stock speed.
Let's take a look at our test setup I will be using today and see if I can push the memory overclocks past the stock setting of 2000MHz...
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Most Recent Comments

09-10-2009, 19:56:01

Awesome review as always W3bbo. Nice looking kit too. Glad to see they didn't mess with the 6GB sinks/scheme. Damn fine bandwidth for dual channel too.

Small thing, red text on blue background gives VB a headache. Nearly impossible to focus on.Quote

10-10-2009, 12:28:48

Out of interest what's wrong with the packaging being the same as the 4GB pack, isn't it a 4GB pack (mediocre bit)Quote

10-10-2009, 15:34:20

Other manufacturers such as Corsair are differentiating there P55 kits (4G from the X58 (6G kits. Albeit they are most likely the exact same modules, little touches such as blue fins instead of red for the Dominator GT's make the difference from a mediocre package to a good package. All it takes is a little thought and imagination rather than boxing them up in the same format minus one stick.Quote

10-10-2009, 18:03:41

Nice review, this is the ram I've had my sights on the last few weeks, Corsair too expensive for what you get.

The Corsair 1600C8's use mediocre Micron IC's & cost more than these G.Skill Tridents, the Corsair GT's are around £125 for the 1600C7 & £160 for the 2000C8 although they are probally Elpida Hypers.

In general UK retail is poor for P55 ram choice at the moment, OcUK only offering the widest choice at present & that lacks somewhat as they dont compete with choice with the likes of Newegg in the USA.

Ebuyer, Novatech, Misco, MemoryC, Dabs, MicroDirect, CCLonline, Aria, Scan, Ebuyer, Tekheads, Yoyotech all rubbish at their actual product range of DDR3 P55 Ram.

I spoke to memoryc who go also under the name of gobeyond who are a ram distributor requesting ram not stocked, they wasnt interested which is very poor considering they have a crap range at present. Novatech just want to sell G.Skill ram.

I would like to see more retailers stocking Team, A-Data, Mushkin, Geil DDR3 Ram for the P55 chipset, I know it's the same ic's but it would be nice to have a choice of kit instead of everyone having to be boring using G.Skill because no one stocks any other product.Quote

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