Mushkin PC10666 Low Voltage RAM Review

Mushkin PC10666 Low Voltage RAM Review


We recently reviewed the Mushkin Redline DDR3 kit and found that not only was it a thing of beauty and performed well at stock settings, but it also was an overclocking beast. The Ridgeback heatsink being both low-profile to fit under our test Noctua NH-D14 cooler and also high-performing with the RAM cool even highly overclocked.

This got us to thinking. If their high-performance RAM is exceptional, then maybe their low voltage RAM will be good too. After all we’ve seen a few low voltage kits pass through our doors and all of them were surprising in their level of performance and ability to overclock.

Mushkin have a very low latency, low voltage 6GB kit available so we just had to see how it faired.

Technical Specifications

As you can see with an operating voltage of only 1.5v there is a cut down in speed when using the primary XMP profile with the RAM being rated as [email protected]

Low latency timings and some voltage headroom should at least see us able to push onwards a bit, but how far?

Model: 998955
Type: DDR3
Pins: 204
Voltage: 1.5V
Speed Spec: PC3-10666
Frequency: 1333MHz
Kit Quantity: Triple Kit
Module Density: 2GB
Module Config: 256×64
Ranks: 2
tCL: 7
tRCD: 7
tRP: 7
tRAS: 20
Registered: Unbuffered
Heatsink: Ridgeback

Onwards to have a look at the RAM itself.