Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC & Killer K1 Network Cards

The Killer NIC & K1 Cards

The Killer NIC & K1 Cards

I can honestly say that I never thought I'd be performing a review on a network card and talking about it's appearance. After all, up until the Killer NIC was released a network card was possibly one of the most dull components you could plug into a PCI slot.

Killer NIC Box Front Killer NIC Box Back

Killer NIC Box Side Killer NIC Contents

This certainly isn't true for the Killer NIC, and as you can see from above Bigfoot Networks have been kind enough to send us both their "Killer NIC" and recently released "Killer K1" cards.

Both cards come well packaged in flashy cardboard boxes that would certainly stand out on any retailers shelves. Included inside is a driver disk, some Killer NIC stickers and a CD with a compilation of budget games. The more expensive of the two cards (the "Killer NIC") also comes with a full version of F.E.A.R!

Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC Bigfoot Networks Killer K1

Bigfoot Networks Killer NIC Back Bigfoot Network Killer K1 Back

The 'K' shaped dagger heatsink on the Killer NIC looks simply awesome and is without doubt the most unique design I've ever seen. We could at this point question it's thermal effectiveness, but who cares - it's primary role is to seperate this card from every other network card on the market, and it does that very well.

The Killer K1 (pictured to the right of the Killer NIC), is essentially the same card as the Killer NIC but without the elaborate heatsink. Bigfoot Networks have also clocked the core down from 400mhz to 333mhz and disabled the USB port. I wouldn't like to speculate, but I can imagine that a firmware flash of the Killer K1 would be all it takes to bring it to Killer NIC status.

Killer NIC & Killer K1 CPU

At the heart of both cards is a Freescale MCP8343E PowerQUICC II Pro that can apparently scale up to 667mhz (anybody fancy overclocking a network card?). The MCP8343E integrates dual USB controllers, Dual Gigabit Ethernet and even a DDR-333 memory controller. The full specs can be seen below:

• 32-bit, high-performance superscalar core
1260 MIPS @ 667 MHz
Double-precision floating point, integer, load/store, system register, and branch processor units
32 KB data and 32 KB instruction cache with line locking support
DDR memory controller, up to 333 MHz data rate, with a 32-bit interface with ECC
Dual PCI interfaces
Dual 10/100/1000 Ethernet controllers
Embedded security engine
Dual Hi-Speed USB controllers
Local bus controller
Dual I2C interfaces (master or slave mode)
Four-channel DMA controller
Serial peripheral interface (SPI)
General-purpose parallel I/O (GPIO)
IEEE 1149.1 JTAG test access port
Package: 672-pin, 35 mm x 35 mm TBGA (1 mm pitch)
Process technology: 130 nm CMOS
Voltage: 1.2V core voltage with 3.3V and 2.5V I/O
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Most Recent Comments

21-03-2007, 19:50:47

Well its a sweet review. Quote

21-03-2007, 20:08:39

Great review and technology insight.

Nice one XMSQuote

21-03-2007, 20:25:41

I just looked thru the graphs and laughed at their promo stuff at the beginning. Not sure how it is an innovation?

The idea of sharing the load is ok (3years ago), but the fps test doesn't prove anything (in that it is a graph over time periods). The same with the ping graphs. Altho neither shows a significant difference

The 1ms 'gained' could be due to other factors. (avg gain or loss. 0.9ms)

The same with the fps. (avg gain. 5.6fps)

'Sharing the load' on a dual core system isn't really going to make much difference tbh also what happened to all the software stuff they have been boasting about.

I know I sound like I'm being aggressive or whatever but at the end of the day it's a overpriced NIC (10x the normal price?) with a router spec processor on it (based on routers than can be had for £8-£45).

One thing the tests do prove is that their own marketing tests were probably done on a low spec system.

Not sure how it ends with 70%

Still a good review, even if it is more like an advert (Given the masses of marketing info) Quote

21-03-2007, 20:30:06

Great review, stupid piece of hardware.Quote

21-03-2007, 20:31:32

Originally Posted by name='FragTek'
Great review,stupid piece of hardware.
idd haha

glad someone agreesQuote

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