Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review

Introduction – RMx enters 2021

A lot has changed since 2016, the year that Corsair first introduced their RMx brand of power supplies. Corsair’s branding has changed, as has their design language. Technology has also moved on, facilitating the creation of quieter fans while pushing PSU efficiency into the minds of more consumers. 

Corsair’s new RMx series of power supplies has just launched, and today we are looking at their 750W unit, the RM750x. Like its predecessor, Corsair’s revamped design features an 80+ Gold efficiency rating, and unlike its predecessor, Corsair’s latest design feature’s ultra-quiet Magnetic Levitation fan technology. 

With their new RMx series of power supplies, Corsair uses a new mesh design (to better match their latest case designs), supports “Modern Standby” to deliver fast system wake-from-sleep times and heightened low-load efficiency, and a full 10-year warranty. 

Here’s what Corsair has to say about its new RMx series;

   CORSAIR RMx Series fully modular power supplies deliver clean, reliable 80 PLUS Gold efficient power to your system.

The new RMx features a magnetic levitation (ML) fan specially tuned for use in a PSU, meaning quiet, high-performance cooling for all the critical components inside. RMx Series also uses only 100% Japanese capacitors rated for up to 105°C for superb electrical performance, with fully modular cables to make PC builds and upgrades easier.

Near-silent operation at low loads and support for Microsoft Modern Standby sleep mode for extremely fast wake-from-sleep times let users get to games faster, play for longer, and use the very best components on the market with
no worries.

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review  

With Corsair targetting their new RMx series as a budget entry point into the high-end PSU market, we can understand why some of the premium packaging elements of the RMi series have gone by the wayside with this release. 

No more premium nylon bags for your modular cables. With the 2021 RMx series, you now have your cables arrive in a plastic bag. While this is a downgrade, it is preferable that Corsair lowers the packaging costs to their new RMx series power supplies’ than their component costs. To achieve lower pricing, cuts have to be made, and packaging is the logical place to make these cuts. We can also note that Corsair’s 2021 RMx series power supply comes within a plastic package rather than a neat PSU-sided fabric bag. 

Some hardware enthusiasts will be annoyed by these changes; it is undeniable that most PC gamers will keep their PSU cables in their PSU box or a drawer for safe-keeping and that these cables will be used rarely when it comes time to upgrade your system. 

Even with these packaging downgrades, it is hard to say that the new RM series is in any way badly packaged. The unit is well protected with foam, and the unit’s modular cables are well stored. All that we have lost here is a little bit of the unit’s premium feel, which makes sense given the lower pricing targets of the RM750x. 

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review  
Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review  
Cybenetics Certification

Late last year, we discussed Cybenetics’ PSU efficiency and noise ratings system in great detail. Our full article on the topic can be read here, but the short summary of the system is that it’s designed to mitigate the shortcomings of the 80+ standard, enforcing tougher limits that are harder to cheat. 

Corsair prides itself on creating solid power supplies and has rated their entire RMx lineup through Cybnetics. In this case, Corsair put their new RMx units through Cybenetics’ efficiency (ETA) and Noise (Lambda” test suites. This required separate testing for every model in their new RMx series, including separate tests for 115V and 230V units. 

Below are Corsair’s Cybenetics efficiency and performance ratings for their RM750x. 

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review  

Corsair has provided us with the following pricing information for their new 2021 series of RM750x power supply. In terms of MSRP pricing, the 2021 RM750x
is £15 more expensive than its 2016 RM750x equivalent on Corsair’s website (at the time of writing), though this price increase does come with an upgraded cooling solution and 2021’s inflated component prices. 

When compared to its RM750 counterpart, this unit is £30 more expensive in the UK. Users get a modified enclosure design, a quieter Magnetic Levitation fan, and support for “modern standby” for that extra money. 

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review  


Power Cables – How many of each are available?

The RM750x ships with everything you will need to build a high-end system of pretty much any sort. Need extra CPU power, have two EPS connections. Multiple GPUs? Here are four PCIe 6+2 cables. Let’s face it, who needs ten SATA connectors? Not many PCs need more than 750W of total power, but pretty much regardless of your configuration, they are unlikely to need more cables than what the 750w RMx can supply. 


– 1x ATX Power Connector (24-pin)
– 2x EPS/ATX12V Connectors (8-pin/ 4+4-pin) 
– 4x PCIe Connectors (6+2-pin)
– 10x SATA Power Connectors (Straight + Right Angled)
– 4x Peripheral/Molex Connectors
– No Floppy Adapter

Replacement Cables? 

Corsair has confirmed that their new 2021 RMx series of power supplies use their Type4 Gen4 cables, replacements for which are purchasable online. Replacement cables will also offer users inline capacitors, enabling improved ripple performance over Corsair’s stock cable kits. 

Corsair RM750x 750W 80+ Gold PSU Review