Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

Up Close with the RX 1200x SHIFT

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review


Corsair's packaging for their new RMx SHIFT series PSUs are pretty standard for modern Corsair products, though we will note that our model has a sticker that highlights the unit's ATX 3.0 support. This suggests that Corsair were producing and packaging these PSUs before they had been officially ATX 3.0 certified, and that Corsair has been sitting on this PSU design for a while.

The box give us all of the information that we need to know. We can see this this PSU has a long 10-year warranty, that it is an Gold rated unit (both by 80+ and Cybenetics), it's ATX 3.0 compatible, and that it is a 1200W unit with a zero RPM fan mode (some of this information comes from the back of the box).   

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

Inside the box, Corsair's new RMx SHIFT is somewhat less appealing, with the cables coming in a clear plastic bag while the PSU itself is protected by plastic and  is protected by a egg box style cardboard support. Not the most appealing packaging, but I guess you are paying for the PSU, not an overly fancy box.   

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

From this angle the RM1200x SHIFT looks like a standard power supply, with its standard power input and power switch on the rear. The fan at the bottom of the unit intakes air and that air is exhausted at the rear of the unit. So far, so standard. It's only from the other side that you can see the SHIFT's alternations.

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

From this side we can see the RMx SHIFT series SHIFTed modular PSU outputs. This allows these cable inputs to be directly accessible from behind the motherboard trays of most modern PSU cases. This is great news for frequent upgraders, and those who simply don't want cable access to be a massive ordeal every time they need to add a new cable to their system.  

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

What we will note here is that the RMx SHIFT does not feature the standard Type-3 and Type-4 PSU cables that we are used to with Corsair. These new modular cable inputs are new, and that means that these PSUs do not support the braided cable kits that are currently available from Corsair and CableMod.

CableMod plans to support the RMx SHIFT series with future cable kits, and Corsair simply stated that they cannot talk about unreleased products when asked about pre-braided SHIFT series PSU cable kits. 

Below we can see that the RMx SHIFT series uses new Type 5 Corsair cables.

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

Like most Corsair PSUs, the RX1200x SHIFT series uses all-black modular PSU cables like the 24-pin motherboard power cable below. This allows Corsair's RMx SHIFT to look great in most systems with their stealthy appearance. For those who want cables with extra flair, we will have to wait for Corsair or a 3rd party like CableMod to release Corsair Type 5 compatible pre-braided PSU cables.  

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

Strangely, the Type-5 12VHPWR cable that was supplied with our Corsair RM1200x SHIFT series PSU has a different cable type than the company's other modular cables. This 12VHPWR cable has thicker cables, and its black plastic surrounds have a lighter, more matte surface. This cable does not match the PSU's other Type 5 PSU cables, though this would be hard to notice inside a fully built system.  

Corsair RX1200x SHIFT ATX 3.0 PSU Review

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Most Recent Comments

31-01-2023, 14:44:48

Is this a rebranded Seasonic Vertex? Or did Corsair start making their own PSUs?Quote

01-02-2023, 12:09:17

I've got the 1200 watt shift on order. Should receive it tomorrow or FridayQuote

11-02-2023, 08:47:27

I installed this PSU a few days ago. Cable management is far better and easier. The smaller size cables also makes cable routing far better. This is a great PSU.Quote

13-02-2023, 06:15:48

Originally Posted by Anon View Post
Is this a rebranded Seasonic Vertex? Or did Corsair start making their own PSUs?
Yea I think it's Seasonic, certainly looks it.Quote

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