HEC Compucase Cougar 1000CM Modular PSU

Simulated Load Testing

Simulated Load Testing
To provide accurate and consistent results in all of our PSU testing, Overclock3D uses professional grade DC electronic load equipment capable of placing a sustained load of 3690w across a total of six rails (including +5vsb and -12v) on the PSU! This is achieved by using a combination of SunMoon and Analogic electronic load equipment which allow us to adjust amperage loads in increments as small as 0.01A while also measuring voltage and wattage readings on-screen.
During today's tests, we will be placing the Cougar 1000CM under 25%, 50%, 75% and 100% load levels inside a hot box regulated to a temperature of around 50°C. Additional 'Cross Load' and a 'Max Load' tests will also be performed under these conditions to simulate how the PSU reacts to heavily uneven loads as well as running above its specified output.
HEC Compucase Cougar 1000CM Results @ 50°C
   +3.3v  +5.0v  +12v  +5vSB  -12v  AC Watts /
 DC Watts
 Efficiency  Intake /
Δ Temp
Test 1
5.25A 5.25A 16.75A  1.00A  0.20A  288w /
 88.54% 50.8°C /
3.36v 5.03v 12.10v 5.04v  -12.07v
Test 2
10.50A 10.50A 33.50A 2.00A  0.40A  563w /
 89.87%  50.2°C /
12.04v 4.96v  -12.08v
Test 3
15.75A 15.75A 50.25A 3.00A  0.60A  851w /
 89.18% 53.2C /
3.22v 4.90v 11.84v 4.89v -12.11v
Test 4
21.00A 21.00A 67.00A 4.00A 0.80A 1155w /
86.49%  50.3°C /
3.21v 4.81v 11.70v 4.83v -12.12v
Test 5
21.00A 21.00A 1.00A 0.00A 0.00A  233w /
79.39% 50.6°C /
1.0 °C
3.32v 4.93v 12.16v 5.06v -12.09v
Test 6
 1.00A  1.00A  77.00A  0.00A  0.00A 1069w /
89.61%  53.0°C /
3.32v 4.98v 11.94v 5.03v -12.12v
Test 7
 21.00A  21.00A 70.00A  4.00A  0.80A 1257w /
82.02%  53.3°C /
3.22v 4.82v 11.70v 4.82v -12.12v
HEC Compucase Cougar 1000CM Performance Overview
 +3.3v Diff.
 +5.0v Diff.
 +12v Diff.
Avg Effic.
Noise Rating
-4.46%   -4.37% -3.30%  88.52% Low 
Starting off with the performance overview chart which shows the fluctuation in voltage between Test 1 and Test 4 results, we can see that the Cougar 1000CM manages fairly reasonable voltage stability with less than 5% fluctuation between idle and load on the +3.3v and +5v rails. The +12v rail rail also performs reasonably well with 3.30% fluctuation between Test 1 and Test4. However, when comparing these results to other PSU's tested recently the Cougar 1000CM doesn't quite make it into our top 10.  PSU's such as the Corsair HX850w and PCP&C Silencer 910w have shown to be capable of less than 1% fluctuation on the +12v rails and around 2% on the +3.3v and +5v rails, offering much tighter voltages between idle and load.
During the cross-load tests 6 & 7 the Cougar copes surprisingly well with no out-of -check voltages at all. Only the efficiency takes a nose-dive during test 5, dropping to just under 80%. This is a fairly surprising result considering the average results from the other tests so far, but very few PSU's pass these tests so the Cougar deserves a few points here at least.
Finally in the MAX Load test, it is quite obvious to see that the Cougar 1000CM is already stretched to its limits as far as power output is concerned. Although the unit was briefly capable of up to ~1400w before OCP/OPP kicked in and shut it down, the maximum sustainable load was just 1031w. Obviously at this load the voltages were quite similar to those at 1000w in Test 4 with the only difference being a 4% lower efficiency at 82.02%.
HEC Compucase Cougar 1000CM Scope Results @ 50c
   +3.3v  +5.0v  +12v
Test 1
T1_3.3V T1_5V T1_12V
Test 2
t2_3.3v t2_5v t2_12v
Test 3
t3_3.3v t3_5v t3_12v
Test 4
t4_3v t4_5v t4_12v
Test 5
t5_3.3v t5_5v t5_12v
Test 6
t6_3.3v t6_5v t6_12v
Test 7
T7_3.3 T7_5 T7_12
And now we hit the major snag. The ripple output across all rails on the Cougar 1000CM was quite frankly shocking! Actually scratch that...I don't think there is a word which can describe how appalling 144mV of ripple on the +12v rail is during Test 1! This is already outside of ATX specification which states that ripple should be no higher than 50mV on the +3.3v/+5v rails and 120mV on the +12v rails, and we havent even applied any significant load yet! Similary the +3.3v and +5v rails are also cringe-worthy topping out at 118mV and 106mV respectively.
Fast forwarding to Test 4 and as you'd expect, things only get worse. 194mV of ripple on the +3.3v rail, 192mV on the +5v rail and 212mV on the +12v rail. It's almost like somebody forgot to solder in the capacitors! At this point we actually uplugged the Cougar from the testing equipment and tried a different PSU in there to make sure that there wasn't an issue with our load tester. There wasn't.
The strange thing is that most of the high ripple output is attributed entirely to infrequent spikes. Sometimes they would only be as high as 100mV while other times they would go completely off the chart and hit closer to 300mV. If it wasn't for this the average ripple of the 1000CM could actually be quite reasonable.
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Most Recent Comments

23-10-2009, 06:27:38

shame he didnt destroy it... Horrible results for such a costly piece of hardware...Quote

23-10-2009, 07:03:09

It's a shame that peformance wasn't better. I would definately have bought one of these units for my rig otherwise. Maybe if they sort out some issues I might get one when I get around to painting my case orange.Quote

23-10-2009, 07:14:45

Originally Posted by name='Socks'
shame he didnt destroy it... Horrible results for such a costly piece of hardware...
As Tom will attest, when I was doing the Max load testing on this unit I was positively bricking myself. It got up to 1400w before powering off the first time and I had my eyes practically closed the entire time (still a bit tender from the XFX ordeal)

Luckily the OCP/OPP kicked in before anything went "POP" every time. So at least the safety is there.Quote

23-10-2009, 08:08:44

still... no match for corsair or cm psus.. especially for the money...its like buying thermal take watercooling kit cos it "looks nice"....

looks over performance = FAIL!Quote

23-10-2009, 13:37:39

Compucase have responded to the review with the following statement:

Dear James,

Firstly I would like to thank you and Overclock3d for reviewing our Cougar power supply posted 23rd October 2009. Admittedly it was not the kind of review that we were hoping for nor expecting.

Action had to be taken by Compucase HEC, this industry relies heavily on reviews and word of mouth, for us to not do anything was unthinkable, therefore the review went directly to our R&D department and the product manager in Taiwan where they took the review apart paragraph by paragraph.

The good news is a revised version will be going into production next week of the 1000w, that will address the ripple issue that you highlighted as well as some other smaller points you brought to our attention.

I firmly believe this has been a worthwhile exercise that has allowed us to revisit, review and correct the issues you highlighted, we wanted to demonstrate the level of support you could expect from Compucase HEC, being the “new kid on the block” (excuse the pun) we have to work that little bit harder to prove ourselves.

Mark Szachno

Compucase UK Ltd.

Furthermore, Compucase have also agreed to send us a revised unit when they are available.Quote

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