Seasonic X900 SS-900HP 900w PSU

Packaging & Appearance


With the X900 being Seasonic's latest flagship PSU, it's obvious that they wanted the quality of the unit to be reflected in the design of the packaging. Using only a black and blue 'glow effect' background with a single picture of the unit on the top of the box, they have certainly achieved a simplistic yet professional look.

Seasonic X900 Packaging Seasonic X900 Packaging

Seasonic X900 Packaging Seasonic X900 Packaging

The top and sides of the packaging provide very little information on the unit, leaving potential buyers thirsty for even the most basic of specifications. Thankfully a quick flip of the box reveals a full specs listing in four languages along with a table detailing the nominal and peak output of the unit, and a breakdown of the power distribution amongst its 8 rails.

Seasonic X900 Open Packaging Seasonic X900 Contents

Seasonic have packaged the X900 inside a single walled cardboard box, with an inner cardboard separator box that keeps the main unit apart fom the accessories pack and mains lead. The unit itself is protected from scratches and other minor damage by a fitted bubblewrap bag.

Not wanting to leave you feeling short changed, Seasonic have included the following accessories in addition to the usual PSU, Manual and power lead affair:

- Seasonic case badge.
- 2x PCI-E 6-Pin to 8-Pin convertor cables.
- 1x Molex to Floppy cable.
- 3x Cable ties (re-usable).


Measuring in at 180mm long, the X900 isn't much bigger than your average ATX power supply. This is great news for those of us with small cases or limited space around the PSU area. However, previous high-wattage unit's we've tested around this size have all suffered from overheating issues or poor performance, so it will definitely be interesting to see if Seasonic have managed to avoid these pitfalls in the compact PSU's design.

Seasonic X900 Back Seasonic X900 Front

In keeping with the professional design of the X900 packaging, Seasonic have opted for a plain black powder coated finish on the unit. This ensures that the unit will be an appealing option to those who put functionality higher than appearance on their list of priorities when searching for a new PSU.

As we can see from the images above, the X900 is cooled by a single 80mm fan placed at the rear of the unit. The fan is configured to draw air from the inside of the PC case through the grills at the front of the unit, over the aluminium heatsinks, and exhaust the hot air out the back of your PC with a fair amount of force.

Seasonic X900 Side Seasonic X900 Side

As you'd expect, Seasonic have placed a specification sticker on the side of the unit that mirrors a lot of the information found on the PSU packaging. Around the other side of the unit is a small grill that provides additional airflow to some of the hotter areas inside the PSU.
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Most Recent Comments

26-09-2007, 12:25:32

Quality review as always mate, and what an excellent performer. I'll have the stability and efficiency over other blingy high-powered units any day. Keep up the good work Quote

26-09-2007, 12:25:34

Mr. Smith
Almost 85% efficiency is very impressive.

Shame about the noisy fan, had they placed 2 fans in the unit - one intake, one exhaust - then the fans would not have had to reach full throttle like a single one does...

Quality PSU.Quote

26-09-2007, 12:30:25

Agreed, but you look at the load required (776w) to get it to be audible. Many probably wouldn't even get it to break a sweat.Quote

26-09-2007, 12:36:13

Mr. Smith

I did overlook that rather important detail... Probably why pcp&p is silent - never breaks a sweat, not even benching!

This seems like another PSU for life Quote

26-09-2007, 12:53:21

Yeah it's a very good PSU for sure. As you've pointed out, its unlikely most people will ever hear this unit at full throttle, because it needs some serious load for that to happen.

Of course, if you was hell bent on making it total silent, you could always swap out the fan with a SilenX or something. Not that I'd advise anyone to fiddle inside a PSU Quote

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