Silver Power SP-850M 850W Modular PSU Review

Test Results (Graphs)

Silver Power SP-850M 850W Modular PSU Review

Simulated Load Results (Graphs)

Because I understand that not everyone enjoys getting a headache from trying to read the tabulated results over on page 3, this page is dedicated to some pretty looking graphs that sum up the majority of the results in an easily digestible format. 

When viewing the graphs you need to bear in mind that the highest and lowest values on the Y-axis (voltage) represent the maximum and minimum voltages allowed by ATX specifications. If the results should fall outside the graph at any time, then that's an instant FAIL. However, merely staying inside these boundaries does not necessarily indicate a good PSU. In order to display truly great voltage regulation, a PSU must stick as closely as possible to the thick white horizontal line (ideal voltage) as possible.

You will also notice that the graph is split into three sections as depicted by the Green, Amber and Red backgrounds. These indicate normal usage (green), heavily uneven load distribution (amber) and overloading of the PSU (red). For the most part all we need to worry about is how it performs in the green section, but good performance in the other sections will undoubtedly earn the PSU extra brownie points.

Both the +3.3v and +5v rails trace a very similar downward slope from test 1 through to test 4 with the +3.3v rail only appearing to be slightly steeper due to the different voltage scale of the graph. It's also worth noting that both rails start off extremely close to their 'ideal' voltages in test1 with the 5.00v rail at 5.01v and the 3.33v rail at 3.35v. This is important as it shows that Silver Power have made no attempts to 'cheat' the load voltages by artificially increasing the idle ones. 

The +12v rail sticks much closer to the 'ideal' white line dipping to only 11.93v at full load in test 4. Considering that the rail also follows quite closely to 12.00v at idle this shows some impressive voltage stability from the Silver Power. Furthermore, across both of the cross-load tests and the max-load test the rail seems to hold its own, demonstrating that the unit is well suited to multi-gpu systems where a sudden increase in draw on the +12v rail is not unusual.

As far as efficiency is concerned, its quite hard to believe that we're looking at an 80Plus Bronze unit here. Not only does it completely exceed the required 82%-85%-82% efficiency set out for the standard, but it also kicks the Silver standard in the teeth too and sits bang on the required results for an 80Plus Gold certification.

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Most Recent Comments

19-06-2012, 10:51:38

Josh Weston
Not everyday that you see a company underrate it's product for so much. Still, £100 for a bronze rated 850watt would seem a little much to me. £100 for a gold rated 850 watt...that's a bargain and a half.Quote

19-06-2012, 10:53:11

Originally Posted by Josh Weston View Post

Not everyday that you see a company underrate it's product for so long. Still, £100 for a bronze rated 850watt would seem a little much to me. £100 for a gold rated 850 watt...that's a bargain and a half.
£100 for gold? Id be worried mate not happy.Quote

19-06-2012, 10:55:23

Josh Weston
Originally Posted by tinytomlogan View Post

£100 for gold? Id be worried mate not happy.
Be worried that your Bronze rated PSU was over-performing when it came to efficiency? Quote

19-06-2012, 10:59:55

I used to buy Silverpower alot when the majority of systems only needed 400-500w. Very underated company imo, and not one to blow their own trumpet. Decent pricing verging on budget.

... gorilla ... what were they thinking ??Quote

19-06-2012, 11:13:44

Wow, what an absolute bargain!Quote

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