XFX Black Edition 850w ATX PSU

Cables, Connectors & Internal Components

Cables & Connectors
As we've come to expect from most modular PSU's, the XFX Black Edition also has a limited number of hard-wired connectors that are essential to the operation of any normal PC system. This not only simplifies the modular connector interface at the front of the PSU, but also ensures that devices such as the motherboard and primary graphic card receive the cleanest power without any potential noise from a poor modular connection. 
XFX 850w Cable Bundle XFX 850w Hard wired
Full compatibility with both old and new motherboards is provided in the form of an ATX connector which can be changed between 20Pin and 24Pin standards by simply removing a 4Pin connector block. One of the two 8Pin EPS-12v connectors also shares a similar trait in that it can also be broken in half to reduce the connector down to 4 Pins, providing compatibility for the older P4-12v motherboard standards. Finally, the the hard-wired PCI-E connectors are also fully compatible with both 8Pin and 6Pin standards, avoiding any power issues with some graphics cards.
XFX 850w Modular Cables XFX 850w Modular Cables
Moving on to the modular cables, a total of nine are included in the bag with four being assigned to SATA, three as Molex and two as PCI-E. This essentially mean that with all available modular connectors on the PSU in use, one cable will be left over. Whether this ends up being an SATA or Molex cable is entirely down to the requirements of your system, but I'd certainly wager a bet that very few people out there are going to need more than one or two of the SATA cables plugged in anyway.
XFX 850w Modular Cables XFX 850w Modular Cables   
The sleeving on the cables is of decent quality with very little of the cables underneath showing through. However, I cant help but think how much better this unit could have been with some custom cables (possibly in green) to help continue the "not your average PSU" look that XFX have going. It almost seems like XFX lost interest half way through and decided to throw in whatever cables they could find in the parts bin.
The graph below shows exactly what connectors are provided with the PSU:
XFX Black Edition 850w Connectors
 ATX Connector Native 1x 20+4 Pin
 EPS-12v / P4-12v Connector(s) Native 1x 4+4 Pin / 1x 8 Pin
 Molex Connectors Modular 8x
 Floppy Disk Connectors Modular 2x
 SATA Connectors Modular 12x
 PCI-E Connectors Native / Modular 2x 6+2 Pin / 2x 6+2 Pin
Unfortunately there is no support for a high-end Tri-SLI setup due to a 'lack' of PCI-E connectors, but it certainly wouldn't surprise me if XFX have a 1KW version of the Black Edition with 6x PCI-E connectors ready to launch depending on the feedback they receive from the 850w model.  Everything else is pretty much as you'd expect from an 850w unit, and as we've covered already, even though there is a total of twelve SATA connectors on four cables and eight Molex connectors on three cables, not all of these can be plugged into the unit at once. 
Internal Components
Removing the lid of the XFX Black Edition 850W was essentially the same as any other PSU. Unscrew the four screws positioned on each corner of the unit and lift the lid off. However, as some of you may have already noticed in previous pictures, the Black Edition doesn't have any screws to hold the fan in place on the outside of the unit. This is because the fan actually has its own separate metal assembly that independently holds it in position above the PSU components. If XFX went for this design all in the name of vanity, then it is certainly an admirable effort.
XFX 850w Internals Fan XFX 850w Internals
With the fan out of the way you can get a good look inside the unit. At first glance everything appears to be quite well arranged with the capacitors and transformers in a row down the middle of the unit and all mosfets on either side attached to rather large silver aluminium heatsinks. Although I wouldn't like to put my money on it, the general layout does look extremely similar to something that would come from the Seasonic household. Anyone else agree?
XFX 850w Insides XFX 850w Insides
XFX 850w Capacitors XFX 850w Capacitors
The primary (high voltage) capacitors are manufactured by Japanese company Nippon Chemicon and carry the rating of 400v / 390uF / 105°C. This high quality is also carried over to the secondary (low voltage) side of the unit where a range of Nippon Chemicon KZE capacitors has been used, most with specs of 16v / 2200uf / 105°C. Even looking at some of the smaller capacitors, or caps hidden on the modular connector backplane, everything is Nippon. Hopefully this will translate to some really nice scope results and a long PSU life.
XFX 850w Transformers Seasonic in disguise XFX 850w Tranformers
XFX 850w Ferrite XFX 850w DC-DC
Potentially confirming my Seasonic OEM theory is the logo printed on the smaller (5vSB) transformer. This is without doubt the "S" Seasonic logo, and at the very least shows that they've had some hand in the build of the unit. The larger of the two transformers is unbranded, but as usual is responsible for the bulk of the 240v > 12v conversion which is then further converted into +3.3v and +5v by the DC-DC daughterboard pictured hiding below the heatsink in the picture above-right.
XFX 850w ADDA Fan XFX 850w Fan
The 135mm fan as you all know by now is green...very green. What you might not know is that this particular model is manufactured by ADDA Corporation with a model number of ADN512HB-A91. According to their website, this particular model carries a spec of 2200RPM / 95CFM at 39dbA. Not too bad providing it doesn't go full tilt when under heavy load.
Now on to the testing...
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Most Recent Comments

12-10-2009, 13:05:28

Have to say that video is great for suspense! Rather shocking for such a big brand though. Be interesting to see if they say anything.

Still think that people will buy this no matter what just because it looks good and has XFX written on it.Quote

12-10-2009, 13:12:02

I Hunta x
ok is it just me or does the top of that psu look amazing?

the bang want that big in the video tho =\ i was expecting the camera to wobble and someone nearly cacking them self

other than that good review from the quick scim i gave it for now.Quote

12-10-2009, 13:42:09

Originally Posted by name='I Hunta x'

the bang want that big in the video tho =\ i was expecting the camera to wobble and someone nearly cacking them self
You can always turn up your volume for a more authentic reproduction. Unfortunately all the "cacking" was done when the first unit went bang right as I had my ear pressed against it while listening to the fan noise.Quote

12-10-2009, 15:27:57

Jim = Mr Calm.

Couple of cracks and he doesn't jump, flinch, move, gasp... nothing.

If BFG and XFX have taught us anything, and to a certain extent the woeful air performance on Corsairs 800D, it's that companies should stick to doing what they do best.Quote

12-10-2009, 15:54:34

Originally Posted by name='tinytomlogan'
Have to say that video is great for suspense! Rather shocking for such a big brand though. Be interesting to see if they say anything.

Still think that people will buy this no matter what just because it looks good and has XFX written on it.
And has high efficiency + good rippling as long as you don't let a madman with heavy testing equipment near it Quote

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