Cyberpunk 2077 Ryzen Hex Edit Tested - Boosted AMD Performance?

Power Usage, Thread Utilisation and Conclusion

Cyberpunk 2077 Ryzen Hex Edit Tested - Boosted AMD Performance?

Power Usage and Thread Utilisation

We are not happy just reporting on how this Hex edit impacts Cyberpunk 2077's performance; we also want to know why performance is changed. Thankfully, CapFrameX features logging tools which can be used to analyse the power consumption and thread utilisation of processor while benchmarking Cyberpunk 2077. 

As expected, the power consumption and thread utilisation of our quad-core non-SMT results remain unchanged. However, our quad-core with SMT (8-threads) results see an increase of thread utilisation from 54% to 91% and a power consumption increase or 5 watts. These changes yield a 25% boost to Cyberpunk 2077's average framerates in our testing, which is a huge performance leap for a 5W power consumption bump. 

In our 6-core tests, our Cyberpunk 2077 Hex edit resulted in a 3-watt reduction in power consumption and an increase in thread utilisation from 47% to 82%. This change resulted in a 10.5% increase in Cyberpunk 2077's average framerate. 

With our 12-core and 16-core results, thread utilisation is increased, and Cyberpunk 2077's game performance had dropped. In short, this Hex edit makes Cyberpunk 2077 less efficient on high core count Ryzen processors, both in terms of performance per watt and in terms of raw performance. Don't try this Hex edit with a Ryzen 9 series processor.    

Cyberpunk 2077 Ryzen Hex Edit Tested - Boosted AMD Performance?  

Cyberpunk 2077 has some clear room for additional optimisation, especially for users of Ryzen series processors. While this Hex edit is not perfect, it does deliver tangible performance increased for users of Ryzen processors with SMT enabled and 8 or fewer CPU cores. 

If you are not comfortable with editing your executables, CD Projekt Red will likely deliver their own CPU optimisations with future game patches. That said, it is unknown when an official Ryzen patch for Cyberpunk 2077 will be released.

For additional information and optimisation tips for Cyberpunk 2077's PC version, please read our PC performance review for the game here

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Most Recent Comments

15-12-2020, 08:20:23

Seems like 6C/12T or 8C/8T is the maximum the game can take advantage of. It would have been interesting to see sustained clockspeeds during testing, might be that once you get to 12 or 16 cores, loading fewer threads might allow for a slightly higher boost clock, which could explain the slight loss in performance using the hex edit.Quote

15-12-2020, 08:31:34

I was hoping for better, I'll let cdpr take care of it hardly seems worth it on 8/16 for me Quote

15-12-2020, 11:40:55

Its pretty easy to do and quick. Free performance for likely a mass amount of people. Once the game updates it'll get its hex code reset anyway, which hopefully indicates CDPR improves CPU performance.

Thanks for the performance analysis, you got it done pretty quickly!Quote

16-12-2020, 05:30:50

Thanks for investigating this.

Looks like a big boost for 4 and 6 core CPUs.Quote

18-12-2020, 05:11:05

What island of stupid are these people on? In five years your toppy top of the range HEDT will be a mid-range PC and your performance in triple A games will vary from nothing to right home about to dire. I could have made that statement at any for getting on for a couple of decades, I could probably have it carved on my headstone if I didn't think funeral practices are even more stupid.

Twice a year at least the main players will trot out roadmaps, and game developers act as if we are going to have, say it is 2015, 980Ti/5950 performance for the next ten years, let alone five.

I fell off my chair laughing at this comment on some site discussing evolution: God is a game coder. That is how derp this is when you can compare the most stupid character in all fiction to the poltroons that code games.Quote

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