Kingdom Come: Deliverance Performance Review

Graphical Options - Recommended system tweaks

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Performance Review

Graphical Options

Kingdom Come's graphical options menu leaves a lot to be desired, lacking options to remove v-sync or to remove the game's 60FPS cap. While both of these options can be changed using config file adjustments, it is nonetheless preferable to have these as in-game options. 

One other thing to note is that while gamers can adjust the game's graphical settings in-game, a reboot of the title is required for certain graphical options to change. This will force users to exit and re-enter the title, loading a new save file will not suffice. 

In the game's graphical options menu, only six graphical options are present. Resolution settings, Window mode options (Fullscreen, Windowed, Borderless Windowed), Overall Image Quality (Low, Medium, High, Very High and Ultra High), show FPS, which enables a built-in FPS overlay (which isn't 100% accurate), FOV options and a gamma correction option are all available to tinker with. 

FOV-wise, Kingdom Come offers a stock field of view of 65 degrees, with the title offering options of between 60 and 75 degrees depending on the player's preference. This variance is pretty low when compared to other games, though they are adjustable to different values using user.cfg changes. 

If Warhorse reads this, please add V-Sync options and the ability to remove the game's 60FPS cap. A Wider FOV option would also be appreciated by some users. Dedicated anti-aliasing options would also be appreciated, though it appears that the game already uses some form of Temporal AA. 

Kingdom Come: Deliverance Performance Review  

At all graphical settings within Kingdom Come, Object Motion Blur is in use and even when using the game's lowest presets not all settings are at their lowest, providing an extra avenue to lower the game's graphical settings if necessary. The converse is also true, with the game's Ultra High preset failing to take the game's sliders to the max, though you will see why things aren't cranked this high soon enough. 

Additional graphical options are available if users want to adjust game files, though it is understandable why many PC gamers would like to avoid such advanced measures.  


Graphical SettingsLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Object QualityLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Game EffectsLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
LightingLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
ParticlesLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
PhysicsLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Postprocess QualityLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Shader QualityLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
ShadowsLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
TexturesLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Water DetailsLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Volumetric DetailLowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Vegetation Detail LowMediumHighVery HighUltra High
Object Distance2/206/2011/2013/2015/20
LOD Distance2/203/206/2012/2017/20
Vegetation draw distance0/200/205/207/2012/20
Motion BlurObjectObjectObjectObjectObject


Kingdom Come: Deliverance Performance Review  

Recommended system tweaks

Those of us who aim for high-performance targets will want to lower the game's shadow, shader and preprocessing settings first, as these contribute greatly to the game's GPU loads, with setting above high having a minimal affect on the game's visuals. Those who want to free more CPU resourced will have to lower the game's physics quality, which will also have a minimal performance impact. 

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Most Recent Comments

17-02-2018, 17:59:02

There is no 60FPS cap. You can remove Vsync and you can easily get above 60FPS.

Also this game isn't that bad to run for me. 1440p and a 1080 I am running just fine. There are some places where performance tanks and things do need to be addressed but thankfully that's not that often(like big battles or crowded streets).

I will say however that the texture streaming in this game is god awful. Got a mod that edits the settings and you can change how much memory this game consumes(it has such a low cap for memory, WH was ultra conservative it seems for consoles) and the texture streaming was immediately reduced. The dynamic settings WH used is super aggressive even on maxed out LOD settings. Still happens but far less noticeable with the "mod"(more like cfg file).

One other thing is they need to improve load times. I'm on a ssd and it's kinda long(for an ssd anyway). Can't even imagine HDD users.Quote

19-02-2018, 13:28:31

Good choice for the keyboard and mouse in your testing suite (I would say that as I have the exact same plus the MM800 to match) .
Might have to pick up this game to give my new system a real work out Quote

19-02-2018, 17:28:27

It will definitely give it a workout when running Ultra High.
I recommend Very High since Ultra High doesn't seem that well optimized.Quote

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