Nvidia DLSS adoption explodes with DLSS 3 - Why is DLSS 3 being adopted 7x faster than DLSS 2?

DLSS 3 is Nvidia's most popular AI technology to date

Nvidia DLSS adoption explodes with DLSS 3 - Why is DLSS 3 being adopted 7x faster than DLSS 2?

Nvidia's DLSS 3 tech has been adopted by developers seven times faster than DLSS 2  

Let's face it, Nvidia's introduction of its RTX technologies has changed the face of gaming, delivering hardware accelerated AI and ray tracing to the masses with their RTX 20 series and pushing these technologies further with every subsequent GeForce hardware launch. 

With Chat GPT and other AI innovations hitting the market, it is clear that AI has entered its prime time, and Nvidia have been working towards this moment to ensure that their hardware and software are the best available for AI games and applications.

Nvidia's latest AI innovation is DLSS 3, which launched with their GeForce RTX 40 series of products in 2023. Now that six months has passed since this launch, it is clear that Nvidia's latest iteration of DLSS is just as revolutionary as Nvidia claimed it to be, with the technology being adopted seven times faster than DLSS 2 in its first six months. So far, 28 games already support DLSS 3, and that list is growing fast.

DLSS is a collection of performance enhancing AI technologies that Nvidia has developed, technologies that enable improved performance for both games and productivity applications. While DLSS 1, DLSS 2, and DLSS 3 all are different technologies, they all serve the same purpose. DLSS is about boosting performance, and so far over 270 games and applications now use the technology.

To date, over 270 games and applications support DLSS, and that number is increasing at a rapid rate.

DLSS 3 - Nvidia's Performance Multiplier

DLSS 3 is both a hardware and software innovation. That's why DLSS 3 is only available on Nvidia's latest RTX 40 series products and how Nvidia has managed to create DLSS 3 in the first place. While DLSS 1 and DLSS 2 utilised AI to upscale lower resolution frames to higher resolutions, decreasing rendering loads, DLSS 3 moves things in a different direction by using AI to generate whole frames, creating new intermediate frames between traditionally rendered frames to act as a framerate multiplier.

With DLSS 3, Nvidia are using the AI performance and unique features of their RTX 40 series GPUs to multiply the performance of games. With DLSS Frame Generation, framerates can be doubled to increase motion clarity and deliver gamers a smoother gaming experience. This can be combined with Nvidia's DLSS Super Resolution (DLSS 2) technology to deliver additional performance benefits, and can even deliver performance gains for games that are CPU-limited. 

So how does DLSS 3 work?

Nvidia's DLSS 3 Frame Generation feature takes four inputs, the data from current frames, the data from prior frames, game engine data (like motion vectors and depth data), and data from an optical flow field that is generated using the RTX 40 series' Ada Optical Flow Accelerator (OFA).

These inputs can be used by Nvidia's DLSS 3 software to create intermediate frames between a game's current frame and prior frame, effectively adding an extra AI frame between traditionally rendered frames. Motion vectors and optical flow data are used to make sure that everything in these AI generated frames are correctly positioned and look as they should, allowing games to look clearer in motion thanks to their higher framerate.  

Nvidia DLSS adoption explodes with DLSS 3 - Why is DLSS 3 being adopted 7x faster than DLSS 2?

More Frames - Less Work

With Nvidia's DLSS 3 technology, gamers can receive greater than 2x performance benefits. Nvidia's DLSS Super Resolution (DLSS 2) technology can increase framerates by decreasing a game's rendering load and using the power of Nvidia's tensor cores to upscale these images, and DLSS 3 can then be used to add frame generation into the mix to effectively double a game's framerate.

When DLSS Super Resolution is set to performance mode, a 4K frame can be rendered using an traditional render resolution of 1080p, effectively quadrupling a game's resolution using the power of AI. DLSS Frame Generation can then be used to add additional frames, as shown below. 

Below, we can see an example where a traditional 1080p frame is upscaled to 4K using DLSS Super Resolution (DLSS 2) and a game's displayed framerate is doubled using DLSS Frame Generation (DLSS 3). In this example, DLSS Super Resolution delivers a 4x increase in displayed pixels and DLSS Frame Generation double the number of displayed frames/pixels. Combined together, an 8x increase in displayed pixels is achieved over traditional rendering, delivering incredible performance benefits.   

Nvidia DLSS adoption explodes with DLSS 3 - Why is DLSS 3 being adopted 7x faster than DLSS 2?

DLSS 3 - Three Technologies in One

Nvidia's DLSS 3 isn't just delivering DLSS Frame Generation to games. DLSS 3 is a combination of several technologies. Games that support DLSS 3 also support Nvidia's DLSS 2 (DLSS Super Resolution) technology, and newer DLSS 3 games also support Nvidia's DLAA (Deep Learning Anti-Aliasing technology), which is effectively DLSS Super Resolution when applied to native resolution frames (delivering high quality anti-aliasing). 

The last of DLSS 3's three technologies is Nvidia Reflex, a technology that decreases the input latency of games to reduce your PC's response time and make games feel a lot more reactive to your inputs. Nvidia Reflex decreases the amount of time it takes for your PC to react to your inputs, allowing games to react faster to your in-game actions and feel more responsive.

With DLSS 3, Nvidia RTX 40 series users get to benefit from higher framerates, more responsive games, and increased motion clarity. That's a win, win, win for GeForce users.

Nvidia DLSS adoption explodes with DLSS 3 - Why is DLSS 3 being adopted 7x faster than DLSS 2?

Making AI Matter for Gamers

With their suite of DLSS technologies, Nvidia is making AI a critical part of PC gaming. While similar techniques are possible without AI, like AMD's FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.0 technology, Nvidia are undeniably the current leaders of the image upscaling pack, with DLSS giving them a major boon to lord over their competitors.

It cannot be denied that AI performance is now a factor that needs to be considered when purchasing a new graphics card, not just for productivity or creator applications, but for gaming as well. DLSS is Nvidia's killer feature, showcasing that AI can greatly benefit PC gamers, and Nvidia have made it clear that they are working on more AI technologies. Outside of gaming, Nvidia has also delivered RTX Voice and RTX Super Resolution, two great add-ons for PC users.

Nvidia DLSS adoption explodes with DLSS 3 - Why is DLSS 3 being adopted 7x faster than DLSS 2?

What Games and Engines support Nvidia's AI and RTX Technologies

Currently, Nvidia's DLSS technology is available in over 270 games and applications, and that list is larger is you broaden the scope to also include ray tracing and other AI technologies, all of which fit under Nvidia's "RTX" banner. 

Below is an exhaustive list of games and applications that currently support Nvidia RTX features, which includes DLSS 3 and DLSS 2. As you can see, this is a huge list of applications, and this list is growing at a rapid pace. You can expect this list to be out of date soon after the release of this article.

Ray Tracing
10bit FX Notch BuilderApp   Yes
3VjiaApp  YesYes
51VR 51 City OSAppYes  Yes
A Plague Tale: RequiemGameYesYesYes 
Act-3D LumionAppYes  Yes
Adobe After EffectsApp   Yes
Adobe Camera RawApp   Yes
Adobe DimensionAppYes  Yes
Adobe Lightroom ClassicApp   Yes
Adobe PhotoshopApp   Yes
Adobe Premiere ProApp   Yes
Adobe Premiere RushApp   Yes
Adobe Substance 3D DesignerAppYes  Yes
Adobe Substance 3D PainterAppYes  Yes
Adobe Substance 3D SamplerApp   Yes
Adobe Substance 3D StagerApp   Yes
Alan Wake RemasteredGame  Yes 
Altair Inspire Studio/Render (formerly known as Evolve)App   Yes
Altair Inspire-CFDAppYes  Yes
Altair Thea RenderApp   Yes
Anatomy Of FearGame  Yes 
Animal Logic GlimpseAppYes  Yes
Animalia SurvivalGame  Yes 
ANSYS VRXPERIENCE for HMI and Perceived QualityAppYes  Yes
ANSYS AVxcelerate SensorsAppYes  Yes
AnthemGame  DLSS 1 
Apocalypse: 2.0 EditionGame  Yes 
Armory ArmorPaintAppYes   
Aron's AdventureGameYes Yes 
Assetto Corsa CompetizioneGame  Yes 
Atomic HeartGame YesYes 
Autodesk ArnoldAppYes  Yes
Autodesk Flame PremiumApp   Yes
Autodesk InventorAppYes  Yes
Autodesk VREDAppYes YesYes
AverMedia CamEngineApp   Yes
AverMedia VoiceEngineApp   Yes
AWAY: The Survival SeriesGame  Yes 
Back 4 BloodGame  Yes 
BakemonoGame  Yes 
Baldur's Gate 3Game  YesDLAA
Ballads of HongyeGame  Yes 
Battlefield 2042GameYes Yes 
Battlefield VGameYes DLSS 1 
Batora: Lost HavenGameYes Yes 
Be.LiveApp   Yes
Bentley Systems ContextCaptureApp   Yes
Bentley Systems LumenRT ConnectAppYes YesYes
Bentley Systems MicroStationAppYes  Yes
Bentley Systems SYNCHRO PROAppYes  Yes
Beyond Enemy Lines 2Game  Yes 
Blackmagic DaVinci ResolveAppYes  Yes
Blender Institute's BlenderApp   Yes
Blind Fate: Edo no YamiGameYes Yes 
Blood Bowl 3Game  Yes 
Bodies of Water VR (Beta)Game  Yes 
Bred University of Applied Sciences WispRendererAppYes   
Bright MemoryGameYes Yes 
Bright Memory: InfiniteGameYesYesYes 
Broken PiecesGame  Yes 
Buildmedia RealspaceAppYes  Yes
Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold WarGameYes Yes 
Call of Duty: Modern WarfareGameYes Yes 
Call of Duty: Modern Warfare IIGame  YesDLAA
Call of Duty: VanguardGame  Yes 
Call of Duty: WarzoneGame  Yes 
Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0Game  YesDLAA
Cebas finalRenderAppYes  Yes
Chaos V-RayAppYes  Yes
Chaos VantageAppYes  Yes
Chaos EnscapeApp  YesYes
Chased by DarknessGame  Yes 
ChernobyliteGameYes Yes 
Chief ArchitectAppYes   
Chivalry 2Game  Yes 
Choo-Choo CharlesGame  Yes 
ChorusGameYes YesDLAA
ChronoTecture: The EprologueGame  Yes 
Cimpatico Studios, Inc. - Cimpatico Streaming ProductionApp   Yes
Cions of VegaGame  Yes 
Conqueror's BladeGame YesYes 
ControlGameYes Yes 
Corsair Gaming, Inc. - iCUE SoftwareApp   Yes
CrossoutGame  Yes 
CROWZGame  Yes 
CRSED F.O.A.DGame  Yes 
Crysis 2 RemasteredGameYes Yes 
Crysis 3 RemasteredGameYes Yes 
Crysis RemasteredGameYes Yes 
CyberLink PowerDirectorApp   Yes
Cyberpunk 2077GameYesYesYes 
cyubeVRGame  Yes 
D5 Innovation D5 RenderAppYes YesYes
Dabanjia BIMAppYes YesYes
Dakar Desert RallyGame YesYes 
Dassault Systemes 3DEXCITE DELTAGENAppYes  Yes
Dassault Systèmes 3DVIA HomeByMeAppYes   
Dassault Systemes CATIA 3DEXPERIENCEAppYes  Yes
Dassault Systemes CATIA Live RenderingAppYes  Yes
Dassault Systemes SolidWorks Corp. SOLIDWORKS VisualizeAppYes  Yes
Daydream: PrologueGameYes Yes 
Daz3D Daz StudioAppYes  Yes
Dead SpaceGameYes Yes 
Death RealmGame  Yes 
Death StrandingGame  Yes 
Death Stranding Director's CutGame  Yes 
DeathloopGameYes Yes 
Deep Rock GalacticGame  YesDLAA
DeepStates (VR)Game  Yes 
Deliver Us MarsGameYesYesYes 
Deliver Us The MoonGameYes Yes 
DenchiSoft VTube StudioApp   Yes
Destroy All Humans! 2 - ReprobedGame YesYes 
Diablo II: ResurrectedGame  Yes 
Digital Anarchy AI DenoiserApp   Yes
DiRT 5GameYes   
DolmenGameYes Yes 
Domino SimulatorGameYes Yes 
DOOM EternalGameYes Yes 
DxO PhotoLabApp   Yes
Dual UniverseGame  Yes 
Dying Light 2 Stay HumanGameYesYesYes 
Edge of EternityGame  Yes 
EdgeOfTheAbyssAwakenGame  Yes 
Elgato Camera HubApp   Yes
Elgato WaveLinkApp   Yes
EnlistedGame  Yes 
EphesusGame  Yes 
Epic Games' Twinmotion-UEAppYes  Yes
Epic Games' Unreal EngineAppYes YesYes
Escape From NarakaGameYes Yes 
Escape From TarkovGame  Yes 
ESI Group IC.IDOAppYes  Yes
ESRI ArcGIS ProApp   Yes
Everspace 2Game  Yes 
Evil Dead: The GameGame  Yes 
Evil WestGame  Yes 
Exit FromGame  Yes 
EzBenchGame  Yes 
F.I.S.T.: Forged In Shadow TorchGameYesYesYes 
F1 2020Game  Yes 
F1 2021GameYes Yes 
F1 22GameYesYesYes 
Fall Balance BallGame  Yes 
Far Cry 6GameYes   
Faraday ProtocolGame  Yes 
Farming Simulator 22Game  YesDLAA
Final Fantasy XVGame  DLSS 1 
Firefighting Simulator - The SquadGame  Yes 
Five Nights At Freddy’s: Security BreachGameYes Yes 
ForspokenGameYes Yes 
FortniteGameYes Yes 
Forza Horizon 5GameYes Yes 
Foundry MODOAppYes  Yes
Frozen FlameGame  Yes 
FrozenheimGame  Yes 
Get Stuffed!Game  Yes 
GhostGame  Yes 
Ghostbusters: Spirits UnleashedGame  Yes 
GhostrunnerGameYes Yes 
Ghostwire: TokyoGameYes Yes 
Glodon BIMMakerAppYes  Yes
God of WarGame  Yes 
Gotham KnightsGameYes Yes 
Grand Theft Auto III - The Definitive EditionGame  Yes 
Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas - The Definitive EditionGame  Yes 
Grand Theft Auto: Vice City - The Definitive EditionGame  Yes 
Gu Jian Qi Tan OnlineGame  Yes 
Gungrave G.O.R.EGameYes Yes 
Halo InfiniteGameYes   
HeliosGameYes Yes 
Hell PieGameYes Yes 
Hellblade: Senua's SacrificeGameYes Yes 
Hello Neighbor 2GameYes Yes 
Hi-Fi RUSHGame  Yes 
HITMAN World of AssassinationGameYesYesYes 
Hogwarts LegacyGameYesYesYesDLAA
Höll Space 5D6Game  Yes 
HolomentoGame  Yes 
Horizon Technology Kool VR 3.0App  YesYes
Horizon Zero Dawn Complete EditionGame  Yes 
Hot Wheels UnleashedGame  Yes 
HydroneerGame  Yes 
ICARUSGameYes Yes 
Into the Radius VRGame  Yes 
Iron ConflictGame  Yes 
Island of the AncientsGame  Yes 
Isotropix AngieAppYes  Yes
Isotropix ClarisseAppYes  Yes
Jaws Of ExtinctionGame  Yes 
Jian PoGame  Yes 
JudgmentGame  YesDLAA
Jurassic World Evolution 2GameYesYesYesDLAA
JX3 Online RTX VersionGame  Yes 
Kena: Bridge of SpiritsGame  Yes 
Kognat RotobotApp   Yes
Last Hope on EarthGame  Yes 
LEAPGame  Yes 
Legendary TalesGame  Yes 
LEGO Builder's JourneyGameYes Yes 
Lemnis GateGame  Yes 
Life Is Strange: True ColorsGameYes   
Linctex Digital Technology Co.Ltd - Style3D StudioAppYes   
Lost JudgmentGame  YesDLAA
LoverowindGame  Yes 
Lumote: The Mastermote ChroniclesGame   DLAA
Luxion KeyShotAppYes  Yes
Marmoset ToolbagAppYes  Yes
Martha Is DeadGameYes Yes 
Marvel's AvengersGame  Yes 
Marvel's Guardians of the GalaxyGameYes Yes 
Marvel's Midnight SunsGameYesYesYes 
Marvel's Spider-Man: Miles MoralesGameYesYesYesDLAA
Marvel's Spider-Man RemasteredGameYesYesYesDLAA
Maxon Redshift RendererAppYes  Yes
McNeel & Assoc. RHINOAppYes  Yes
Mechwarrior 5: MercenariesGameYes Yes 
Mercs Fully LoadedGameYes Yes 
Meshroom VR WeViz StudioAppYes   
Metro ExodusGameYes DLSS 1 
Metro Exodus PC Enhanced EditionGameYes Yes 
Microsoft Flight SimulatorGame YesYes 
Midnight Ghost HuntGame  Yes 
Minecraft with RTXGameFull RT Yes 
Minecraft with RTX: China EditionGameFull RT Yes 
Monster Hunter RiseGame  YesDLAA
Monster Hunter WorldGame  DLSS 1 
Moonlight BladeGameYes Yes 
Mortal Online 2Game  Yes 
Mortal ShellGameYes Yes 
Mount & Blade II: BannerlordGame  Yes 
My Time At SandrockGame   DLAA
MystGameYes Yes 
Myth of EmpiresGameYes Yes 
Necromunda: Hired GunGame  Yes 
Need For Speed UnboundGame YesYes 
Nemetschek ALLPLANAppYes  Yes
Nine To FiveGame  Yes 
Nioh 2 The Complete EditionGame  Yes 
No Man's SkyGame  YesDLAA
NVIDIA BroadcastAppYes  Yes
NVIDIA CanvasAppYes  Yes
NVIDIA IndeXAppYes  Yes
NVIDIA IrayAppYes  Yes
NVIDIA OmniverseAppYes YesYes
NVIDIA RTX RemixAppYes YesYes
OBSAppYes  Yes
OBS StreamlabsAppYes  Yes
Observer: System ReduxGameYes Yes 
ON1 NoNoise AIApp   Yes
ON1 Portrait AIApp   Yes
ON1 Resize AIApp   Yes
orbit.industriesGameYes Yes 
Otoy OctaneRenderAppYes  Yes
OuterverseGame  Yes 
OutridersGame  Yes 
Paradise KillerGameYes Yes 
PC Building Simulator 2Game  Yes 
PGA TOUR 2K3Game  Yes 
Phantasy Star Online 2 New GenesisGame  Yes 
Pixar RendermanAppYes  Yes
Pixar RTPAppYes  Yes
PlanetSide 2Game  Yes 
PluviophileGame  Yes 
Poker ClubGameYes   
Portal with RTXGameFull RTYesYes 
Powerslide LegendsGame  Yes 
PropnightGame  Yes 
Pumpkin JackGameYes Yes 
Q.U.B.E. 10th AnniversaryGameYes Yes 
Quake II RTXGameFull RT   
Raji: An Ancient EpicGameYes Yes 
Ranch SimulatorGame  Yes 
Random Control Maverick RenderApp   Yes
RAZE 2070GameYes Yes 
Ready or NotGame  Yes 
RecallGame  Yes 
Red Dead Redemption 2Game  Yes 
Redout: Space AssaultGameYes Yes 
REFICUL 666Game  Yes 
Remington Graphics D-NOISEAppYes  Yes
RemnantsGame  Yes 
Resident Evil 2GameYes   
Resident Evil 3GameYes   
Resident Evil 7GameYes   
Resident Evil VillageGameYes   
ReturnalGameYes Yes 
Ring of ElysiumGameYes   
Rise of the Tomb RaiderGame  Yes 
Robo Pocket: 3D Fighter With RollbackGame  Yes 
Rune IIGameYes   
RustGame  Yes 
SaboteurGameYes Yes 
Sackboy: A Big AdventureGameYes Yes 
Saints RowGameYes   
ScatheGame  Yes 
ScavengersGame  Yes 
SCP: PandemicGame  Yes 
SCP: Secret FilesGame  Yes 
SCUMGame  Yes 
Severed SteelGameYes Yes 
Shadow of the Tomb RaiderGameYes Yes 
Shadow Warrior 3Game  Yes 
sheencity MarsAppYes YesYes
SideFX HoudiniAppYes  Yes
Siemens Digital Industries - Software NX Ray Traced StudioAppYes  Yes
Siemens Digital Industries Software Simcenter PrescanAppYes  Yes
SifuGame  Yes 
SimRail - The Railway SimulatorGame  Yes 
Sons Of The ForestGame  Yes 
Soul DossierGame  Yes 
SoulmateGameYes Yes 
SoulsticeGame  Yes 
SplitmediaLabs, Ltd. XSplit BroadcasterApp   Yes
Stay in the LightGameYes   
SteelrisingGameYes Yes 
Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy OriginGame  Yes 
SupralandGame  Yes 
Supraland Six Inches UnderGame  Yes 
Survive The HillGame  Yes 
Sword and Fairy 7GameYes Yes 
Swords of Legends OnlineGame  Yes 
System Shock DemoGame  Yes 
Tarantula AI Recast.aiApp   Yes
The AnacrusisGame  Yes 
The AscentGameYes Yes 
The Callisto ProtocolGameYes   
The ChantGame  Yes 
The Cycle: FrontierGame  Yes 
The Dawn: Sniper's WayGame  Yes 
The Elder Scrolls OnlineGame  YesDLAA
The Fabled WoodsGameYes Yes 
The ForgeAppYes   
The Future Group - Pixotope PixotopeAppYes YesYes
The Last OricruGame  Yes 
The MediumGameYes Yes 
The Nightmare CatcherGame  Yes 
The Orville Interactive Fan ExperienceGameYes Yes 
The PersistenceGameYes Yes 
The Redress of MiraGame  Yes 
The RiftbreakerGameYes   
The Riftbreaker: PrologueGameYes   
The ValiantGame  Yes 
The Witcher 3: Wild HuntGameYesYesYes 
Titan StationGameYes Yes 
To Hell With ItGameYes Yes 
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six ExtractionGame  Yes 
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six SiegeGame  Yes 
Topaz Labs DeNoise AIApp   Yes
Topaz Labs Gigapixel AIApp   Yes
Topaz Labs Photo AIApp   Yes
Topaz Labs Sharpen AIApp   Yes
Topaz Labs Video Enhance AIApp   Yes
Touchcast Inc. Touchcast Virtual ConferenceApp   Yes
Tower of FantasyGameYes Yes 
Truck Mechanic: Dangerous Paths - PrologueGame  Yes 
Turbo SlothsGameYes Yes 
Twin Stones: The Journey of BukkaGame  Yes 
Uncharted: Legacy of Thieves CollectionGame  Yes 
Uncrashed : FPV Drone SimulatorGame  Yes 
United Assault - Normandy '44Game  Yes 
Unity Technologies' UnityAppYes YesYes
Unknown WoodsGame  Yes 
VALHALL: HarbingerGame  Yes 
Valkyrie ElysiumGame  Yes 
Vampire: The Masquerade - SwansongGame  Yes 
Video Copilot Element 3DAppYes   
Viking RageGame  Yes 
Vistandard VRP2020AppYes  Yes
Visual ComponentsAppYes   
VR Nara ParkGame  Yes 
Wakamarina Valley, New ZealandGame  Yes 
Wanted: DeadGame  Yes 
Warhammer 40,000: DarktideGameYesYesYes 
War ThunderGame  Yes 
Warstride ChallengesGame  Yes 
Watch Dogs: LegionGameYes Yes 
Weta Digital GazeboAppYes  Yes
Wolfenstein: YoungbloodGameYes Yes 
Workshop SimulatorGame  Yes 
World of Warcraft: ShadowlandsGameYes   
WRC Generations – The FIA WRC Official GameGame YesYes 
WrenchGameYes Yes 
Xaymar StreamFXAppYes  Yes
Xuan-Yuan Sword VIIGameYes Yes 
YagGame  Yes 


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17-03-2023, 13:31:54

DLSS3 is a really impressive tech, Yes it's "fake frames" but it genuinely makes a game "feel" smoother.Quote

17-03-2023, 14:52:54

Its like the clever con of 2023.Quote

17-03-2023, 15:06:17

Originally Posted by Warchild View Post
Its like the clever con of 2023.
You can instantly feel the difference but the reason it's come about is due to the 4000 series being somewhat CPU bottlenecked even at 4K in many scenarios and that's running a 13900K with 6000+MHz memory... not all games but a fair few I still only see around 80% GPU usage. DLSS3 resolves that.

The downside which I can sadly see coming a mile off is when developers will get lazy and then start relying on DLSS3 instead of putting work into a game to optimize it.Quote

18-03-2023, 17:06:24

Originally Posted by Dicehunter View Post
DLSS3 is a really impressive tech, Yes it's "fake frames" but it genuinely makes a game "feel" smoother.
How do you know this? Quote

18-03-2023, 17:45:26

fake frames, fake msrp, fake leather jacket, what next :PQuote

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