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Recently Apple unveiled their new Tablet computer, dubbed the “iPad”. Based on rumours, many were led to believe that Steve Jobs might have been on the verge of making netbooks obsolete. Those that were led to believe this were greatly mistaken. At $499, netbooks will not be going anywhere any time soon as they can multitask, offer much more flexibility and are more affordable. The Apple iPad doesn't share any of these benefits and on that basis, you’d have to be very deluded and heavily brainwashed into that trendy ecosystem of brushed aluminium and bitten fruit (also known as clinically insane) to choose one over a netbook, such as the 1005HA. This is where I return to the topic at stake and discuss the laptop’s value for money.

Today, if you wished to head online and order an Asus EEE-PC 1005HA, it will set you back £229 for the 160GB version or £253 for the 250GB version that we have put to the test. At present this makes the 1005HA the cheapest netbook with 250GB storage and high capacity battery, with it's competition sitting at price points nearer the £300 mark.

There is very little not to like about this baby laptop, beyond the performance constraints of the Intel Atom platform. Even a self confessed system performance freak such as myself will admit that its performance constraints are easily forgiven when it offers such flexibility in terms of portability. So is the EEE-PC 1005HA the right laptop for you? Well, on the premise that your motives aren't Flash HD Video playback or anything strenuous such as 3D gaming and rendering then frankly, yes. Yes it is. Let me fill you in on the game that I was playing in Starbucks from the previous page. Let's call it "Laptop Chicken".

As I sat there, typing away and writing this review, I gradually saw users of conventional laptops and MacBooks alike shutting their machines down and either resorting to books or hastily packing away and departing. While I'm sure that, unlike myself, some of those individuals have better things to do than sit in a coffee shop all day judging by the grunts of certain individuals, the stark reality of the situation was that their laptop's battery had probably run flat.  No more could they access their twitter, facebook, friendface or face-face, nor could they update their blogs to announce to the world their undying love for topman and hair straighteners. Further, it was apparent as they dispersed that many of those users have to carry considerably larger and heavier bags, while our little EEE-PC that could fit in an A4 size envelope was willing to march on for a further 3 hours. Granted, even I was getting a little bored of sitting in a coffee shop and eventually spent those final few hours of system usage at home, but I digress. If you were me at that point in time, you'd have a smile on your face, knowing full well that you've made the right purchase. Trust me.


The Good:
- Size
- Keyboard/Mousepad usability
- Quality Screen
- Battery Life

The Mediocre:
- Mousepad gestures sometimes sluggish.
- Poor Flash HD Performance
- No protective carry case included

The Bad:
- None


We would like to thank Asus for supplying the 1005HA for review. Discuss here in our forums.

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Most Recent Comments

02-02-2010, 18:30:45

I Hunta x
pretty good review, but the battery life graph is wrong, should be hours not mins shouldnt it?Quote

02-02-2010, 18:47:58

hmm wow my daughter Samsung NC and My other daughter Dell mini seem to be better vaule for money esp the battery life of both of them. Under normal use both of them hit over 6 to 7 hours At mid level brighness and just serfing the net. Movies they about about 1/2 less each. Allso the Dell came with a DVB and phone card for mobile internet and allso last but not least a HDMI port.

If i was to by one for my self id got for the dell easly.Quote

06-02-2010, 22:26:53

Very positive review there. The 1005HA was one I've been looking at getting recently, but I'm holding out for pine trail CPUs to fully hit the UK, either to grab a clearance bargain on old stock, or pay similar and get one with better battery life.

What was word processing like on the machine? I'd like to use one for MS Word and MS Excel for my university work. Is an A4 page easily readable and workable on such a small panel?

Currently have my eyes on the Asus Eee-pc 1001P. It's got the new atom, and a 6-cell battery, and is very similar to the 1005HA. Asus quotes 11hrs (!!) of battery life, which although obviously optimistic, can't be miles from the truth. The basic version (160GB, Win XP - although reports are both have 7 starter for some reason) retails for $299 in the states, which is about £180-£190 in GBP. has it up for pre-order at 249 euros, more like £218, so I'm wondering what sort of price it will hit the UK at. If it manages to get to £199, it's a done deal, but often it seems we pay a premium on this kind of kit, so I wouldn't be surprised if it was £229+. The only release date info I've seen was 8th Feb, but with no sign of it on UK sites yet, I think it may be a little while longer. It's been out in the US for a little while.Quote

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