MSI TurboBook GX600 Gaming Notebook

Looking Inside & Heat Testing

Looking Inside & Heat Testing
MSI have chosen to cool the GX600 with a heatpipe assembly manufactured by ForceCon. The cooler features two large copper heatpipes (one dedicated for CPU, the other Northbridge and GPU) that draw the heat away from the components to the aluminium encased blower fan at the back of the notebook.
The effectiveness of this cooling configuration was tested by running an instance of OCCT; a stability testing tool; on the notebook for a total of one hour. Additionally the notebook was also placed in "CPU Turbo" mode to validate the stability of the overclock. During this test, the T8300 CPU reached a maximum temperature of 74°C - but let's see how much of that was transferred to the base of the laptop...
MSI GX600 Underneath MSI GX600 Underneath Open
MSI GX600 Cooling System MSI GX600 Cooler Assembly
As we can see from the temperature overlay in the image top-left, the readings taken from various points of the casing pretty much mirror the location of the components. However, it has to be said that with a maximum temperature of 41°C, the cooling system actually does an excellent job at transferring the heat - and with relative silence too.
MSI GX600 CPU / NB Chips MSI GX600 GPU Chip
MSI GX600 CPU MSI GX600 CPU Socket
Future upgradeability of the CPU is provided in the form of a 478-Pin Micro-FCPGA socket with a twist-to-lock mechanism. This should certainly be seen as a plus for gamers who are more likely to perform their own hardware upgrades and modifications on the notebook than an average user.
For obvious reasons, the NVIDIA 8600M GT GPU is soldered directly to the motherboard and a collection of four Hynix 128MB GDDR3 (700mhz) memory chips surround it.
MSI GX600 Memory MSI GX600 Memory
Two banks of SODIMM memory make up the 3GB of ram installed in the GX600. MSI probably avoided installing a full 4GB inside the notebook as (up until recently) Vista would only display a maximum of 3GB from within system properties.
MSI GX600 Hard Disk
Last but not least we come to the 320GB Western Digital Scorpio hard disk. While the drive is most certainly large, it unfortunately suffers from a rather average 5400RPM rotation speed with 5.50ms latency. For a notebook aimed at gamers where the loading times are of the essence, we would really have expected to see a faster 7200RPM drive installed. Even if it came at the cost of a lower capacity drive.
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Most Recent Comments

12-05-2008, 12:30:39

Great review, Jim, but as stated, the design looks rather poor. Although it performs, I'd probably check around for other alternatives before settling with this one. But then again, I tend to go for bigger HDD's, screens and such, as it is a notebook. Quote

12-05-2008, 12:45:36

I have a feeling the 7200rpm drives generally use more power - I judge that merely by having replaced some 5400rpms with them and noticing a great deal more heat. They work well enough tho.

Have to be honest, the design looks pretty cheap to me and the specs, although looking pretty good with the benchies don`t push me towards wanting to part with £850 for one.

Flimsy feeling case - for a gamer - it should be shrouded in rubber and polystrene black-taped to it (probably wouldn`t help with the heat tho lol)

Don`t like these turbo-boost ideas either. I can remember turbo buttons on old pcs.

Bet it works a treat tho, as per the great review. (I`d buy the Acer with the lesser spec tbh, or look for a newer spec`d Acer)Quote

12-05-2008, 12:51:57

Im impressed that it nearly reached 3ghz!Quote

12-05-2008, 14:35:50

Mr. Smith
Gaming + notebook = FAIL. If you want to play games at decent res/settings you need a desktop.

Quite impressed with the CPU OC though Quote

12-05-2008, 15:25:20

if i was going to buy a laptop, i would buy a dell, as their build quality is better

this doesnt offer a very good spec, or a very good build quality for the price it seems

good review though Quote

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