BritBox TV Streaming Pricing has been revealed

BBC and ITV to Launch BritBox UK Streaming Service This Year

BritBox TV Streaming Pricing has been revealed

Today, more and more young Britains are cutting the chord and abandoning television, at least in the traditional sense, instead opting to use streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime and YouTube in order to get their dose of media and filmic content. Streaming services can also be cheaper than the UK’s TV licensing fees, making standard television all the less appealing to newer generations. 

The challenge posed by streaming services isn’t being considered lightly by TV’s biggest names, with the BBC and ITV announcing BritBox, the British TV streaming service, earlier this year. Now, both companies have revealed more about their content plans, as well as the subscriptions costs of their service.   

When the service launches this year, sometime between October and December 2019, BritBox will offer subscribers an “unrivalled collection of British boxsets and original series, on demand, all in one place”. The service will include classic BBC and ITV Boxsets, as well as commissioned content that is exclusive to the service.

The service is set to cost £5.99 per month, but at this time it is unknown what limitations will be set on the service. Limits on concurrent users and resolution options are popular restrictions for existing streaming services such as Netflix.      

The BBC and ITV are creating BritBox as unequal partners, with the BBC owning 10% of the service while ITV owns 90%, granting the latter control of the service’s management. BritBox is also set to contain content from “other British broadcasters and production coampanies”, opening the door for Channel 4 or Channel 5 content entering the BritBox platform. The BBC has the option to acquire 25% of BritBox over time, should they feel the need to. 

BritBox TV Streaming Pricing has been revealed

Right now, BritBox is already available in the US and Canada and boasts over half a million subscribers. BritBox will not replace BBC iPlayer or ITV’s Hub catch up services.  

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