“High Definition Vinyl” could arrive in stores as early as 2019

“High Definition Vinyl” could arrive in stores as early as 2019

A major driver of the entertainment industry is visual and audio quality, creating the need for high-resolution cameras, Ultra-HD screens, advanced editing software suites and a seemingly countless number of high-end speaker options. 

This drive for quality is why Blu-rays have superseded DVD for many film enthusiasts and why Ultra-HD, HDR and 4K Blu-ray are starting to become increasingly popular in the entertainment industry, 

Today we have the honour of informing you about the existence of “High Definition Vinyl”, a new audio format that could be coming to turntables as soon as 2019. This audio innovation will come courtesy of Rebeat Innovation, an Austrian company that has received $4.8 million in funding to create their patented method for producing high-quality LPs. 

This manufacturing method was patented back in 2016 (patent here), describing a technique that can be used to create higher quality records with up to 30% more amplitude, 30% longer playtime and a more faithful audio production than standard LPs, all while remaining compatible with traditional record players.

Rebeat’s production method converts digital audio into a 3D topographic map which can then be inscribed onto a “stamper” with high levels of precision, cutting down on several steps which are used to create traditional stampers, while also facilitating the use of more hard wearing materials. This innovation will allow a single stamper to be used to print more Vinyl records without any degradation to audio quality, while also offering better-refined groves with reduced information loss. 


Rebeat plans to showcase their initial test stampers at the Making Vinyl conference in October, with plans to release their first HD Vinyl records in stores in the summer of 2019. Who said Vinyl was dead?

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