Microsoft Releases ‘Zune’ Price Tag

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Microsoft has announced that its imminent Zune portable media player will retail for US$249.99, matching the price, as well as the storage capacity, of the 30GB iPod. In an attempt to sweeten the deal for prospective buyers, Microsoft has stated that Zune compatible downloads will be the same price as ITunes – 99 cents.

According to the source, Zune-buyers will also be able to load their players with any of the two million songs that Microsoft is promising at launch, for a US$14.99 monthly fee. However, in common with other such subscription services, the songs become unplayable if the payments are discontinued.

According to online analyst Shaw Wu, it will be the smaller portable device manufacturers who will lose out in Microsoft’s attempt to usurp Apple as the dominant force in digital content. Further, Microsoft’s insistance on proprietary DRM as a means of controlling digital licensing, instead of the PlayForSure platform that it licenses to other manufaturers, will be sure to beguile consumers.

Microsoft Zune

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