900 Watts! The new Enermax LIQTECH XTR can handle a tonne of power!

Be it Threadripper or Xeon, Enermax’s new LIQTECH XTR can handle the heat of powerhouse workstation CPUs

Enermax has revealed a new generation of CPU all-in-one liquid coolers at Computex 2024. For the beefiest of workstation CPUs, Enermax has revealed their new LIQTECH XTR series of liquid coolers. With 100% coverage for AMD Threadripper and Intel Xeon processors, these coolers are made to handle insane thermal loads.

This series of liquid coolers is available with 240mm, 280mm, and 360mm radiator sizes. These coolers are all made to handle thermal loads of 500W+, even their smaller 240mm model. For their 360mm flagship, Enermax claims that their new LIQTECK cooler can handle thermal loads of up to 900W. To say the least, that is an insane level of cooling performance.

Aside from its cooling performance, a neat feature of these new LIQTECH coolers is their use of a built-in digital display. It can be used to display CPU thermals, GPU thermals, and fan RPM data. Users can also choose to remove and re-orient the screen to better suit their setup.

Alongside their new LIQTECH cooler, Enermax has revealed a range of new cases at Computex. Additionally, Enermax has revealed a compact CPU liquid cooler called the AQUACore, a closed loop liquid cooler with the form factor of a tower air cooler.

You can join the discussion on Enermax’s new LIQTECH XTR CPU cooler on the OC3D Forums.

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