Amazon Basics’ CPU cooler has launched, and it doesn’t look good

Amazon's Basics CPU cooler has launched, and it doesn't look good

Amazon has launched their first CPU cooler, and it is Basic

Amazon’s Basics brand has been with us for a long time now, offering buyers a wide range of affordable products that range from cables to office supplies, pet products, and even Uninterruptable Power Supplies (UPS). What these products all have in common is that they are designed to be affordable and functional, and the same is true for Amazon’s new Basics CPU Air Cooler.

That’s right, Amazon has entered the PC cooling market, targeting the ultra-budget crowd with a £20.72 heatsink that features a 92mm RGB fan and appears to be a rebranded version of Cooler Master’s Hyper H410R RGB heatsink. Currently, it is unknown if this heatsink is produced by Cooler Master, or if Cooler Master and Amazon are simply using the same supplier for this generic looking heatsink. 

With an asking price of a little more than £20, PC enthusiasts should not expect much from Amazon’s Basics CPU cooler. While it supports all of the latest CPU sockets, including AM5 and LGA1700, I would not trust this heatsink with anything aside from low wattage CPU models. Beyond that, I wouldn’t expect this heatsink to work much better than most stock/pre-supplied CPU coolers.

– Amazon Basics Computer Cooling Fan/CPU Air Cooler – £20.72

Amazon's Basics CPU cooler has launched, and it doesn't look good

In out eyes, Amazon’s new Basics CPU cooler is more of a curiosity than a product that we would actually recommend. There are plenty of other CPU cooling options within the sub-£30 price bracket for those who need a budget heatsinks, models that feature larger 120mm fans and come from brands that are known for making capable heatsinks.

Amazon’s Basics CPU cooler is cheap tat, but in many instances cheap tat is good enough for some use cases. Perhaps you are building a basic low power office system, or building a basic PC with parts that are harvested for wherever you can find them. Amazon’s Basics CPU cooler will be good enough for some use cases, but isn’t a heatsink that many PC enthusiasts should be interested in.

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