Arctic launches its MX-5 Thermal Compound

Arctic launches its MX-5 Thermal Compound

Arctic launches its MX-5 Thermal Compound

Arctic has just revealed its MX-5 Thermal Compound, a new Thermal Interface Material (TIM) designed for CPUs, graphics cards, PCs, laptops and consoles. Starting today, the thermal compound is officially available worldwide, offering users increased viscosity when compared to Arctic’s MX-4, making it easier to apply. 

With pricing that starts at $5.90, Arctic’s MX-5 TIM is relatively affordable, shipping in tubes that contain between 2 grams and 50 grams of the thermal compound. These packages of Thermal Interface Material can be purchased both with and without a spatula for TIM application.  

Like all Arctic Thermal pastes, MX-5 is a metal-free thermal interface material, being both non-conductive and non-capacitive. This makes the thermal interface material suitable for use with electronics, as it cannot cause short circuits or corrosion damage. 

Sadly, Arctic has not provided us with any data that compares MX-5 to the company’s existing MX-4 thermal compound. All we know is that MX-5 uses a new recipe that makes the compound less viscous and easier to apply. This trait makes it easier for MX-5 users to get a thin application of the material on their CPU or GPU, which can help lower thermal resistance and assist thermal transfer.

Below is Arctic’s press release for their MX-5 Thermal Compound. 


ARCTIC, one of the leading manufacturers of low-noise PC coolers and components, officially launches its MX-5 thermal paste today. The newly developed, high-performance paste comes with an ideal set of thermal properties, guaranteeing reliable heat dissipation over long periods of time. ARCTIC MX-5 is available now in variants ranging from 2 to 50 grams, with and without a spatula.

Like all thermal pastes from ARCTIC, MX-5 is completely metal-free. Because MX-5 is neither conductive nor capacitive, it is particularly safe to use: the possibility of short circuits, corrosion damage or discharges is eliminated.

Regardless of the application method, applying MX-5 is very easy thanks to its low viscosity. The paste can be evenly distributed across the CPU in an extremely thin film via contact pressure from the heat sink. Combined with high thermal conductivity, this results in very low thermal resistance, which can contribute to improved service life and processor performance.

MX-5 uses carbon microparticles as a filler to smooth out small imperfections on heatsinks and heatspreaders, improving heat transfer from the component to the heat sink. It is suitable for use on all CPUs and GPUs, whether they are in PCs, laptops or consoles. MX-5 is also recommended for integrated circuits with high waste heat and for power semiconductor devices.


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