Caselabs is back, and here’s what you need to know

Caselabs is back, and here's what you need to know

CaseLabs’ new management has moved the company to Sweden

Back in 2018, CaseLabs, a US-based PC case manufacturer was forced into bankruptcy due to high tariffs, but in 2021 the CaseLabs enthusiast Emil Rytterstedt bought the rights to the CaseLabs brand in the hopes of resurrecting the company.

Caselabs is now under new management and the company has now been moved to Sweden. While today’s CaseLabs are working with the brand’s former US employees, the company is now distinctly European. For US customers, that means that shipping costs will increase for US customers and that shipping costs will decrease for European customers. However, Caselabs plan to offset these higher shipping costs with discounts to US customers if they can.

    Friends, fans, and former customers of CaseLabs, I have the great pleasure to announce that CaseLabs is officially back after the bankruptcy in 2018! We are now under new management and have re-located to Sweden, but don’t worry, everything you knew and loved about CaseLabs will remain the same. We will carry on the spirit of CaseLabs as best as we can while updating existing models and bringing new models to the market.

Let me introduce myself very briefly: My name is Emil, I’m almost 37 years old, I live in Sweden, and I am the new owner of CaseLabs since October 2021. Ever since I first heard that CaseLabs went bankrupt I’ve been trying to buy CaseLabs’ intellectual property. After a long and drawn-out process the trustee and I finally came to an agreement in the spring of 2021 and the purchase was finalized in October 2021. Since then Daniel and I have been working on bringing CaseLabs back to life again.

Caselabs is back, and here's what you need to know

Currently, CaseLabs are working to start producing spare parts for their existing cases, with the production of full cases coming soon after. In time, CaseLabs plans to produce new case models, though at this time the company’s focus is to recreate their original lineup and update their cases with updated front I/O, vertical GPU mounts, and other modern features.

Further into the future, CaseLabs’ product line will likely expand to include merchandise, PC accessories, PC peripherals and other components. CaseLabs will become more than just a PC case company, adding more diversity to the overall PC marketplace.

     Daniel and I want to start slow, and not bite off more than we can chew. The ressurection of CaseLabs will happen in several stages. We’ve recently launched our new website which will be followed by a webshop where we will offer a selection of freshly made spare parts and accessories that are in high demand by our former customers. This is what we refer to as our “soft-launch” of our webshop.

The “hard-launch” of our webshop will happen when we feel that we have manufacturing, quality control, logistics etc under control. With the “hard-launch” we’ll once again offer all our case models along with all spare parts and accessories. Basically, we’ll operate just as before the bankruptcy. Since we’re now based in Sweden, we’re looking for partnership for the North American market to lower the shipping costs for out over seas customers. Until we’ve partnered up with a manufacturer we’ll look into off-setting the higher shipping cost to North America with a discount.

Daniel and I are two very passionate individuals when it comes to CaseLabs. We are not content with just keeping things “as is” but want to develop CaseLabs as a brand and expand our product range. I’ve already talked about the planned multi-stage launch of our webshop – continuing from that we will focus on updating our existing models to “Revision A” with new functionalities and modern compatibility similar to when the SMA8 re-launched as the SMA8-A.

When our existing models are updated we’ll start developing brand new models for our line-up. The team has already expressed their desire about doing a SFF model around 7-10L or ~15L. We also have ideas that don’t revolve around just updating and designing cases but want to get as close as possible to offer a complete solution for everyone putting together a new system.

We are currently working on a road map to better visualise and communicate our plans for CaseLabs. With the road map you can follow the progress for the different stages and get an approximate time frame for when the current stage is set to finish and when we’re ready to move to the next stage on our road map.

If you want to here more about CaseLabs and their future plans, you can have a look at the new CaseLabs website. Beyond that, you can sign up to the company’s newsletter for further updates.

Upcoming survey – have your say

Caselabs are in the process of creating a web-based survey that the company plans on sending out to all of their newsletter subscribers. This survey will allow Caselabs to see which case parts are in most demand, and see what Caselabs’ customers want to see in the future. 

    We’re in the process of making a web-based survey that we will send out to everyone subscribing to our newsletter. The survey is aimed at current owners of a CaseLabs’ case who needs spare parts. We hope that the survey will give us valuable data about which spare parts for what models are in demand so we can plan accordingly. We ask you all to please help us by taking your time and filling out the survey. We estimate that the survey will be sent out within a week or two after this newsletter.

Daniel and I are optimistic about the future of CaseLabs, and I hope that you all will follow along on this incredible journey that CaseLabs is about to embark on.

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