Cooler Master Black COSMOS LE

Cooler Master Black COSMOS available for the holiday season

It appears that Cooler Master are readying a limited Black edition of its extremely popular COSMOS chassis, and the run is rumoured to be limited to 500 units. The limited edition chassis is reportedly going to be available for this coming holiday season. Apart from the all-black interior and exterior, Cooler Master isn’t letting too much be known about what can be expected in the bundle, but I’m sure you’ll agree that the images below look as sexy as hell.

Cooler Master Black LE_1 Cooler Master Black LE_2
Cooler Master BlackLE_3
Cooler Master has their official site for the limited edition black COSMOS which promises that everything will be revealed come December 11. The site can be found here if you like a tease.

Who’s up for the Cooler Master Black COSMOS when it’s released?

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