Corsair’s latest AIOs can be upgraded with their new iCUE Elite LCD Display

Corsair's latest AIOs can be upgraded with their iCUE Elite LCD Display

Corsair’s latest AIOs can be upgraded with their iCUE Elite LCD Display

Corsair has just launched their new Elite LCD series of All-In-One (AIO) Liquid Coolers, which have arrived in H100i, H150i and H170i flavours. The main selling point of these new Closed Loop Liquid coolers is their built-in IPS screens, but what we found more interesting is that these screens can be used to upgrade Corsair’s existing iCUE Elite Capellix CPU coolers. 

With these upgrade kits, Corsair is allowing users of their existing high-end AIOs to upgrade their systems without investing in a new liquid cooling solution. Through Corsair’s iCUE software, users can control their Elite LCD and its LED lights. Corsair’s Elite LCD screen can be used to showcase useful information like fan RPMs, CPU temperatures, fan speeds, and more. Alternatively, the screen can be used to display custom images, GIFs, or logos. 

COrsair’s Elite LCD AIO upgrade is a 480×480 screen that is 2.1 inches in size, uses an IPS panel and supports a 24-bit colour depth and 30 FPS content playback. The screen features a bright 600 cd/m² backlight, making it bright enough to be seen clearly beside other LED-illuminated components. 

Corsair's latest AIOs can be upgraded with their iCUE Elite LCD Display   
The Downside – This Upgrade Costs $99.99 USD

The problem with Corsair’s iCUE Elite CPU Cooler LCD upgrade kit is its pricing. With a price tag of $99.99, this product is something that only aesthetics-focused PC builders should consider. The screen itself is a gimmicky add-on, and most PC gamers would be better off investing that almost $100 on some extra SSD space or as part of a larger performance-focused upgrade. 

That said, this upgrade option is for PC builders who want to build an aesthetically pleasing system and want to display system information or GIFs on their CPU coolers. When you are building systems like that, your PC’s price-to-performance ratio has already been thrown out the window. While this upgrade’s $99.9 pricing is an obvious downside for many consumers, it’s still much cheaper than investing in an all-new AIO that has one of these screens built-in. 

Regardless of your thoughts on this upgrade’s pricing, it is a fascinating add-on that features some utility. It’s also nice to see Corsair’s Elite Capellex AIO users get some love with this new upgrade option. 

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