DeepCool were the kings of modding at CES 2024

DeepCool showcases insane modded systems at CES 2024

We had a great time at the DeepCool booth at CES 2024, not only did DeepCool show us what’s on the horizon, they showed us some incredible systems. No, I’m not talking about standard PC builds, there are fully modded systems that are incredibly well designed and crafted.

DeepCool are lovers of the PC modding community, and today we are highlighting two systems that were present at the company’s CES boost. First we have DEEPBOT-ALPHA-01 by Mr. Apex, and second we have PROJECT SENTINEL by LiquidHaus. If we had an award for “Best Mods of CES”, it would certainly go to DeepCool.

DeepCool Mod 1 – DEEPBOT-ALPHA-01 by Mr. Apex

When I saw this system, my mind immediately raced to the turrets from Portal. Then my mind thought of the “dog” from Black Mirror, a much scarier thought. Mr Apex’s mod is based around DeepCool’s Quadstellar Infinity case, and it is freestanding on its four legs (no other supports are required).

It is rare that we see mods that are of this scale anymore, so props to Mr Apex for creating this system. Also props to him for getting it moved to Las Vegas for CES. And for those who are wondering, yes the barrels on the chainguns spin, yes, sound effects, and yes it can shoot things with nerf bullets. Sadly, we did not get to see these functions in action.

DeepCool Mod 2 – PROJECT SENTINEL by LiquidHaus

Next up we have PROJECT SENTINEL from LiquidHaus. This is a matrix-inspired PC mod and it certainly looks the part. We love how the robot’s tentacles tear through the PC case and grasp at the components within. We also like the subtle green touches, and this PC’s use of LCD screens for Matrix numbering effects.

The attention to detail in this PC mod is insane. The robot within is well painted and the mod is extremely well thought out. The Matrix robot looks genuinely threatening. Well done to LiqudHaus for making this system a reality.

Closing Thoughts

Modding is one of the things we love about the PC hobby. We love it when we see our readers making their PCs unique with custom additions, regardless of how simple the mod is. DeepCool is clearly a company that also loves PC modding, and we are glad to see that the PC modding scene is alive and well at CES 2024. Personally, I look forward to seeing what other projects Mr Apex and LiquidHaus have in store for us.

You can join the discussion on DeepCool’s custom modded systems on the OC3D Forums.



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