EK makes PS5 liquid cooling a reality with their QuantumX CoolingStation Monoblock

EK has created a custom water block for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console

Custom consoles aren’t new, but EK has taken PlayStation 5 customisation to the next level with their new QuantumX CoolingStation liquid cooling Monoblock for PS5. This custom water block is designed to make Sony’s latest console cooler and quieter under load, and allow PlayStation 5 modders to create incredible looking custom systems.

EK has designed this monoblock to utilise ATX motherboard standoffs. This making this custom PlayStation 5 cooling solution idea for use in MicroATX (MATX) PC cases. Alternatively, users of this monoblock can also create entirely custom cases for their liquid cooled PS5 consoles.

This monoblock cools all areas of Sony’s PlayStation 5 console, including its SSD storage, its custom AMD APU, and its 16GB of GDDR6 memory. This monoblock must be used with other liquid cooling components to function. This adds addition cost to the already considerable value of EK’s CoolingStation monoblock. At €449.90, this is not a cheap add-on for PlayStation 5 consoles.  RGB lighting fans will need an external RGB controller.


PS5 Liquid Cooling Compatibility:

EK’s monoblock is not compatible with all PlayStation 5 consoles. Older revisions are not compatible due to physical hardware differences. Disc based consoles are not recommended, as disk drives need to be connected for console software updates.

  • CFI-1200A (Japan, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1200B (Japan, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1202A (Australia, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1202B (Australia, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1208A (Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1208B (Russia, Ukraine, India, Central Asia, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1215A (North America, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1215B (North America, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1216A (Europe, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1216B (Europe, Digital Edition)
  • CFI-1218A (Singapore, Disc Edition)
  • CFI-1218B (Singapore, Digital Edition)

To power a PlayStation 5 using EK’s custom PS5 liquid cooling kit, users will need to connect their console to a PC power supply. A custom connector that converts the PS5’s 2-pin PC connector into two 8-pin PCIe connectors.

Would-be PlayStation 5 modders can pre-order EK’s custom PlayStation 5 liquid cooling solution here. Below is a installation guide for this new monoblock from EK.

You can join the discussion on EK’s custom liquid cooling solution for Sony’s PlayStation 5 console on the OC3D Forums.

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