Metaphyuni creates External OCuLink Dock with built-in 550W PSU

Chinese company Metaphyuni creates a new OCuLink GPU dock with a 550W PSU

External graphics cards are normally connected to PCs and laptops though Thunderbolt, limiting bandwidth to 40 GB/s. Thanks to the OCuLink standard, much higher connectivity speeds of 64 GB/s are possible, and Metaphyuni has used this standard to create what could be the world’s most powerful GPU dock.

This OCuLink docking solution comes complete with a 550W 80+ Gold Rated power supply. This PSU is a server-grade CRPS power supply, which means that users can upgrade it with stronger CRPS units if necessary. Yes, you could fit a larger PSU onto this docking unit!

The whole dock measures in at 230 x 90 x 75 mm. It can support most modern GPUs, though images on the Metaphyuni website don’t showcase 12VHPWR/12V2x6 cabling on their new OCuLink dock. Only 8-pin and 6+2-pin PCIe power cables are shown, limiting the dock’s GPU support. Even so, users could use adaptors to power 12VHPWR graphics cards.

Right now, this OCuLink GPU dock is available at a discounted price of 649 RMB in China. This translates to around £72 in the UK and $90 in the US. The full price of the unit is 899 RMB, which translates to around £100 and $125.

Given the rarity of OCuLink products, this docking station is only useful for incredibly niche use cases. Even so, its increased bandwidth make it a much better external docking solution for modern GPUs. Even so, 64 GB/s isn’t much bandwidth. Remember, a full PCIe 4.0 x16 interface has around 256 GB/s of bandwidth.

You can join the discussion on on the Metaphyuni OCuLink External GPU Dock on the OC3D Forums.

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