Chaos releases their V-Ray 6 benchmarking tool

V-Ray 6 has arrived – Ready to benchmark?

Chaos has released a new version of their popular V-Ray benchmarking tool, allowing users to test the rendering performance of their systems. This test can assess the rendering performance of CPUs, Nvidia GPUs, or a combination of both. The V-Ray benchmark is a free tool that is available to download now.

Like other versions of V-Ray, the V-Ray 6 benchmarking tool only supports Nvidia graphics cards. It supports Nvidia graphics cards using RTX or CUDA rendering modes. CPU-wise the benchmark supports all Intel or AMD 64-bit CPUs with SSE4.2 support. The tool also supports CPUs on MacOS.

Unlike prior versions of V-Ray, Chaos’ new benchmarking tool now supports looped testing. This will help users push the limits of their hardware through extended testing. The tool also uses a new benchmark scene that is “designed for both RTX and CUDA engines”.

The new V-Ray benchmarking tool is available to download now from Chaos. The benchmark is free to use, and users can compare their test scores online using the tool’s benchmarking database. The test only takes a minute to finish, but users can loop the test if they want to put further stress on their system.

You can join the discussion on the V-Ray 6 benchmark on the OC3D Forums.

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