EK announces price increases for their watercooling products

EK announces price increases for their watercooling products

EK’s increasing the prices of some of their products, citing rising prices for materials and labour  

Let’s face it, the price of pretty much everything has gone up over the past year. Be it food, energy, services, or products, it is clear that our pounds do not stretch as far as they used to, and the same is true for most manufacturers. 

Citing increases in the prices of raw materials, rising labour costs, and difficulties sourcing raw materials, EK has announced that on March 31st that the prices of many f their products will be increased. On average, affected parts will see their prices increase by 8% on average, but EK has confirmed that they will maintain their current product pricing until March 31st, allowing their fans or order components at their current pricing until that date.

Below is what EK had to say about their upcoming price increases. 

    In light of full transparency, we wanted to inform you of some changes that will be taking place in the coming weeks. Due to various factors like raw material sourcing difficulties, material prices, and labor costs, we will raise the prices of a selected range of our products.

These changes will occur on March 31, 2023, and the price increase will only affect certain products. Those prices will increase by 8% on average, applying to any selected product or product line our company currently offers.

All orders placed before March 31, 2023, will NOT be affected by these price adjustments.

We assure you we have not made this decision lightly but were forced to do so due to all the recent changes in the market.

EK announces price increases for their watercooling products

EK has stated that they have been forced to implement these price increased due to recent changes in the market, if this is the case, we can likely expect to see similar price increases from other water cooling manufactures in the near future. 

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