Lian Li reveals a trio of PC cases at Computex 2024

Lian Li’s Computex booth was filled with new case designs

We visited Lian Li’s booth at Computex 2024, and we were impressed with what we found. There were new PSUs, new cases, fans, and accessories. Too much to cover in one simple article. For now, we will focus on the newest PC cases from Lian Li, but you should expect to see more from the company as we complete our Computex coverage.

We’ll start off by looking at the new O11 Vision Compact. As the name implies, it is a smaller, compacted version of the O11 Vision. While this case has compact in its name, it retains support for motherboards up to EATX (up to 280mm wide) in size. This case is pretty big for a “compact” case, but it isn’t as large at the standard O11 Vision. Note that this case measures in at (D) 445.4mm x (W) 286.5mm x (H) 446mm.

Like many modern PC cases, the O11 Vision Compact supports back-connect motherboards. This includes MSI’s Project Zero, and ASUS BTF. Gigabyte has revealed a back-connect motherboard at Computex, and we assume that it will be supported by this case. The O11 Vision Compact will be release in Q3 2024 with an MSRP of $119.99.

Meet the Lian Li LanCool 217

Next up we have the LanCool 217, another case that supports up to EATX motherboards (up to 280mm wide) and back-connect motherboard designs. This design features some neat wood elements and features two levels of dust protection at the front. First, the case has its front mesh panel, and behind it there is a dust filter. Additionally, this case has fans with a “cleaning mode” button that reverses this case’ fan blades to dislodge dust.

Like the O11 Vision Compact, the LanCool 217 will release in Q3 2024 with an MSRP of $119.99. However, this case will ship with three included fans. Two front mounted 170mm fans are included, as is a 140mm rear fan. Note that none of these fans are RGB illuminated.

Meet the LanCool 207

The most interesting new case from Lian Li’s boost is the budget-oriented LanCool 207. This mode will release in Q3 2024 with an MSRP of $79.99. For that money users will get an case that supports ATX motherboards and features a tempered glass side panel. Additionally, this case will ship with four included fans. The case’s two front fans are ARGB illuminated, and the case’s two bottom fans are “reverse fans”. Note that this case’s two included front fans are 140mm in size.

With support for up to 280mm or 360mm liquid cooling solution in the roof and four intake fans, this case is designed to keep PCs with power-hungry CPUs and GPUs cool under heavy loads.

Below, you can see how Lian Li have positioned this case’s PSU mount to position two 120mm fans directly under the user’s graphics card. Additionally, this case supports graphics cards that are up to 410mm long.

All-in-all, this case appears to represent a lot of value. $79.99 is a great price for a case that includes this many fans. It’s design also appears to be great for gaming-oriented systems, given its GPU-focused airflow.

If you are looking for a new PC case, Lian Li have given you a lot of be excited about. All three of these new cases are well priced, and the LanCool 207 appears have the feature set of a budget gaming champion.

You can join the discussion on Lian Li’s newest PC cases on the OC3D Forums.

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