MSI Reveals Twin Frozr GPU Cooler

MSI Reveals Twin Frozr GPU Cooler
MSI's new Twin Frozr technology boasts of the industry's best cooling abilityMSI today unveiled its new Twin Frozr thermal design GPU cooler, which reportedly beats reference fans in both performance and temperature. The manufacturer claims the new dual fan cooler has the industry’s first 5 heatpipe design.
The graphics card industry puts in lot of efforts in developing new and advanced thermal solutions. With faster graphics cards being launched every day, the need for better cooling solutions that keep these cards stable and at low operating temperatures is also growing. Cooling is particularly important for high-end graphics cards that work at more than 150W.
Targeted at extreme gamers, the new thermal design from MSI brings together 5 heatpipes, a dual fan, an extra large heat sink and a copper-nickel base. With particular attention paid to the three most important parts of any thermal solution, namely fans, bases and heat pipes, the exclusive Twin Frozr thermal design provides excellent heat dissipation.
The dual fan design increases cooling efficiency by nearly 50%, while the PWM fans with automatic temperature-controlled speed ensure noise-free operation. The result, according to MSI is an ideal balance between cooling performance and noise.
The extra large copper-nickel base heat sink does not allow heat to accumulate by enhancing heat transfer. The first-of-its-kind 5 heatpipe design of the Twin Frozr transfers maximum possible heat to the sink fans, adding to the overall cooling efficiency. The result is a cooler that keeps the system temperature down by nearly 8 degrees Celsius compared to reference fans, regardless of the load.
When used for a high-end gaming card like the MSI N285GTX, the integrated SuperPipe technology of the card combined with Twin Frozr makes for exceptional cooling. The Twin Frozr is presently compatible with high-end NVIDIA graphics cards including the GTX 285, GTX 275 and GTX 260, all of which are preferred cards for gaming enthusiasts.
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