Noctua launches their HOME product range for outside-PC cooling

Noctua’s new HOME product line has landed, just in time for the summer heat

While Noctua’s primary focus has been on cooling PCs, they know that their fans are commonly used outside of the PC market. From the industrial cooling market to personal cooling solutions, fans are everywhere, and today Noctua has delivered a toolset for home, office, and multi-purpose ventilation systems. Meet the Noctua HOME lineup.

Today, Noctua has launched their HOME lineup of fan sets and accessories to allow their users to employ their fans across a wide range of applications. Be it for personal cooling, of the cooling of specific objects.

The highlight of Noctua’s Home series is their NV-FS1 Desk/Room Fan Set, which features a NF-A12x25 fan, a airflow amplifier, and a pivoting fan mount that can be connected to falls, ceilings, furniture or to metal objects with magnets. Basically, owners of this system can mount fans wherever they want.

Noctua’s Home range features a variety of product. This includes power fan hubs, fan gasket options, power supplies, and other accessories.

Noctua Home Product Range

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