Noctua unleashes new CPU coolers for AMD’s new Threadripper and EPYC processors

Noctua is ready for Threadripper 7000 with their new TR5/SP6 compatible CPU coolers and upgrade kits

AMD has just revealed their Ryzen Threadripper and Threadripper PRO 7000 series processors, and Noctua have prepared new heatsinks to support them.

Today, Noctua has revealed new TR5/SP6 compatible CPU coolers, which are designed to support AMD’s latest Threadripper processors as well as AMD’s 8004 series EPYC CPUs. Noctua will be supporting these processors with dedicated heatsinks, and in the form of NM-TR5-SP6 upgrade kits. With their socket mounting kit upgrades, users of TR4-SP3, DX-4677, DX-4189, and DX-3647 heatsinks can upgrade them with TR5-SP6 support.

These new heatsinks from Noctua are designed to support AMD’s latest workstation processors, including their 96-core Ryzen Threadripper PRO 7995WX. AMD’s new Threadripper processors can deliver heat loads of 350W, and Noctua are ready to dissipate that heat.

Noctua today announced its new NH-U14S TR5-SP6 and NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U CPU coolers for AMD’s TR5 (sTR5/sTRX5/sWRX9) and SP6 sockets for the just-released 7000 series Threadripper HEDT (High-End Desktop) and Threadripper Pro workstation processors as well as 8004 series Epyc server CPUs. While the 14cm NH-U14S TR5-SP6 provides maximum cooling performance at minimum noise levels, the 9cm NH-D9 TR5-SP6 4U combines excellent efficiency with a compact size for full 4U compatibility. In addition to the two cooler models, Noctua also introduced the new NM-TR5-SP6 mounting kit that allows upgrading existing TR4-SP3, DX-4677, DX-4189 and DX-3647 line coolers to support the new TR5/SP6 sockets of TRX50 and WRX90 motherboards.

Noctua has new NH-U14S and NH-D9 CPU coolers for AMD Threadripper 7000 processors

Noctua has released two new TR5-SP6 heatsinks, which are new versions of their tried and true NH-U14S and NH-D9. For compact 4U servers, Noctua has their NH-D9 TR5-SP6 heatsink.  For systems with more space, Noctua’s NH-U14S TR5-SP6 is a stronger option.

Both of these new heatsinks come with pre-applied NT-H2 thermal paste. This is Noctua’s premium thermal paste. Users can also expect a speedy install thanks to this heatsink’s pre=applied thermal compound.


Noctua’s new TR5-SP6 CPU coolers are available today. These coolers support AMD’s SP6 socket and EPYC 8004 series processors and AMD’s TR5 (TRX50 and WRX90) motherboards. Yes, they are pricy when compared to their consumer counterparts. These heatsinks are for cooling relatively niche PC components. Smaller volume products tend to carry premium prices.

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