Pat Gelsinger is now Intel’s CEO

Pat Gelsinger is now Intel's CEO

Pat Gelsinger is now Intel’s CEO

Intel now has a new CEO, with Pat Gelsinger returning to take the company back into its leadership role. Bob Swan is gone, Pat is back, bringing back his 30 years of experience within the company and his technologist spirit. 

Bringing Gelsinger on as CEO will give Intel a CEO with an engineering background, a factor which should please most critics. Bob Swan was Intel’s Chief Financial Officer until June 2018, when he became the company’s interim CEO after Brian Krzanich left the company. Swan became Intel’s official CEO in January 2019, after reportedly telling employees that he was not pursuing a permanent position as CEO. 
Making Pat Gelsinger CEO will place the company’s control into an engineer’s hands, not a financier, a move that will hopefully allow Intel to get its technological roadmap back on track. Intel needs great engineering to make top-class products, making this move a positive one. Gelsinger’s experience at Intel will also prove valuable as he assumes his new post. 

Gelsinger’s goal as CEO is to return Intel to its leadership position within the CPU market, stating that the company’s “best days are in front of us”. Below is Pat Gelsinger’s opening statement as Intel’s CEO;

      As the incoming CEO, I am just really thrilled that we have the opportunity to take this great icon of a company, this company that has been crucial to every aspect of technology, and have it be that leader again into the future. Because I believe that Intel has a treasure trove of technologists, of technology, and ultimately its core DNA is being that technology leader for the future. I’m just thrilled as a technologist, as a geek at heart, to be able to be in that leadership role to help bring the passions, the history, the opportunity of this great company forward as never before. Our best days are in front of us.  

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