Riotoro creates Convertible Morpheus GTX100 PC chassis – A case with literal room to expand

Riotoro creates Convertible Morpheus GTX100 case - A case with literal room to expand

Riotoro creates Convertible Morpheus GTX100 case – A case with literal room to expand

Riotoro has officially released their convertible Morpheus GTX 100 chassis, a PC case that can be deconstructed and reconfigured to offer a compact cube-like shape or an EATX larger tower design, making the case suitable for all kinds of upgrades. 

This design appears to be suitable for PC builders who wish to start with something small and eventually upgrade to larger components, with the Morpheus’ tower configuration offering support for even the top-tier consumer motherboards, as well as graphics cards that are up to 40cm long.  

Versatility is the name of the game here, but this convertible design has forced some compromises, such as the case’s lack of windowed side panels and the case’s use of an all-mesh external framework. Even so, these issues are something that modders could address given enough time. 

On the case’s front panel sits two USB 3.0 Type-A ports and dual USB Type-C ports, as well as standard case controls. The Morpheus also contains an integrated RGB control system, which is compatible with Riotoro’s RGB PRISM series fans. 

To keep this case as dust-free as possible, the chassis has integrated dust filters on the front, top and side panels, each of which is removable for easy cleaning. The case’s right chamber as support for ATX power supplies (up to 220mm long) two 3.5-inch drives and either two or four 2.5-inch drives (depending on the case’s configuration). Modders could easily create space for additional mounting hardware given this case’s internal dimensions, especially in its EATX/full-tower configuration. 

Strangely, this chassis only has enough space for a rear 80mm fan as an exhaust, which means that this chassis could be limited to standard height PCIe cards. Extra-wide graphics cards may not be compatible with this chassis. Riotoro has no information on their product page that reveals how wide/tall PCIe cards can be when using this chassis. At this time we have no pricing information for the Riotoro Morpheus GTX100 PC chassis. 

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