Scythe release socket 1366 brackets

Scythe release socket 1366 compatiable mounting brackets

Scythe have now released a new set of socket 1366 converters which allows existing coolers to be used on Intels new line of Processors.

Since we want to provide our customers with optimal support and guarantee a long life for our CPU coolers, we decided to offer special mounting clips, which make all Scythe CPU coolers available on the market compatible for the new Intel Socket LGA1366″, said Stefan Watzinger, Marketing Manager of the Scythe EU GmbH.

For Scythe CPU coolers with the VTMS system (Mugen, Andy Samurai Master, Shuriken, Samurai Z Rev. B and Mine Rev. B) mounting clips will be available in the next few days. For users of Scythe CPU coolers using conventional Clips (Ninja Series, Kama Angle, Zipang, Kama Cross and Katana 2) mounting clips will be provided during the same period. The MSRP for both mounting clips is 2.50 EUR (excl. VAT) / US$ 2.95 (excl. VAT).

To see which mounting clips you need, visit here and here.

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