AI enhanced! Nvidia releases RTX Remix 0.5 with DLSS 3.5 Ray Reconstruction support

Nvidia brings DLSS Ray Reconstruction to RTX Remix with 0.5 update

With their latest update to their RTX Remix technology, update 0.5, Nvidia has added DLSS Ray Reconstruction support to their RTX game remastering toolset. This update comes less than two months after Nvidia brought DLSS 3.5 (Ray Reconstruction) and RTX IO to Portal with RTX.

For the uninitiated, Nvidia’s DLSS Ray Reconstruction technology is an AI-powered denoising solution for ray traced effects. With Ray Reconstruction, Nvidia can use their AI-powered Neural Renderer to deliver higher quality results than traditional denoising solutions. Beyond that, Ray Reconstruction also has the potential to run faster than traditional denoising solutions.

With RTX Remix, DLSS Ray Reconstruction allows games using RTX Remix path tracing to achieve higher levels of image quality. Ray Reconstruction allows more high frequency details to be retained for upscaling, enabling sharper, more detailed results. By using available data in a smarter way, ray reconstruction can boost the image quality of RTX Remixes without a drop in rendering performance.

RTX Remix and DLSS are critical advantages that Nvidia has over their rivals

RTX Remix 0.5 can be seen as an image quality update for Nvidia’s game remastering technology. Unlike DLSS Frame Generation, DLSS Ray Reconstruction is usable on all Nvidia RTX graphics cards, even the RTX 20 series. This means that practically all users of Nvidia’s RTX Remix technology will benefit from this update. After all, Nvidia has designed RTX Remix around their RTX graphics cards and RTX GPU feature set. Simply put, it doesn’t run well on AMD or Intel graphics cards.

Nvidia is continuing to invest heavily in their RTX Remix toolset. As more and more classic games get enhanced path traced versions, RTX Remix will become an increasingly compelling reason to own an Nvidia graphics card. After all, it RTX Remixed games runs best on Nvidia hardware.

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