Ahead of TSMC? Intel expects to launch first 18A CPUs in 2025

Intel are getting ready to launch 18A CPUs in 2025 with Panther Lake and Clearwater Forest

Under CEO Pat Gelsinger, Intel has been aggressively pursuing a “five nodes in four years” strategy. With this strategy, Intel wants to become a market leader when it comes to silicon lithography. In other words, Intel wants to surpass TSMC when it comes to cutting-edge chip production. With their 18A lithography node, Intel is getting close to achieving that.

When updating analysts on their progress, Intel has confirmed that they will be launching 18A (18 Angstrom) products in 2024. These product will come in the form of new “Panther Lake” desktop CPUs and Xeon 7 “Clearwater Forest” CPUs. This year, Intel are expected to release 20A (20 Angstrom) CPUs with their Arrow Lake desktop CPUs and Lunar Lake mobile CPUs. These CPUs will replace Intel’s currently available Raptor Lake Desktop and Meteor Lake mobile CPUs.

According to a report from WCCFTech, Intel has released a 1.0 PDK for their Intel 18A lithography node. This will allow Intel’s partners to develop chips that can be manufactured using their new lithography node. With this PDK, 3rd parties will be able to build chips using Intel’s fabs. At this time, it is unknown which companies plan to create new products using Intel’s 18A fabs.

(Intel’s 20A and 18A nodes will feature Intel’s new Backside Power Delivery (PowerVia) technology)

Moving forward, Intel wants to become the TSMC of the west. Intel wants to produce chips for 3rd parties in large quantities, not just their own CPUs, GPUs, and other products. To achieve this, they need to achieve technological leadership or parity with TSMC.

For their 20A and 18A lithography nodes, technologies like Backside Power Delivery, what Intel calls “PowerVia”, will be a factor that will give Intel an advantage. Even so, Intel has not yet proven themselves to be a reliable partner for 3rd parties. With 18A, Intel has an opportunity to forge a strong reputation within the semiconductor manufacturing space.

You can join the discussion on Intel’s 18A lithography plans on the OC3D Forums.

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