AMD commits to AM5 – Support through 2027 and beyond

AMD extends their commitment to AM5 beyond 2027

At Computex 2024, AMD has promised PC enthusiasts long-term support for their AM5 motherboard platform. As of now, AMD has committed to supporting their AM5 motherboard platform until 2027 “and beyond”. That means that AMD will be releasing new processors for the platform well into the future.

Previously, AMD had only committed to supporting their AM5 platform until 2025. Now, AMD has made it clear that AM5 will be supported by new processors for many years to come. That means that both new and existing AM5 users can expect to see upgrade CPU upgrade options for their motherboards.

While AMD has not confirmed this, it is probable that next-generation Zen 6 CPUs will launch with AM5 support. Additionally, we can be certain that AMD will launch gaming-focused Ryzen 9000 X3D processors at some point in the future. However, it is unclear whether or not AM5 support will extend to Zen 7. After all, the past few years of AM4 support has been due to the launch of refreshed Zen 3 processors.

With support to 2027+, AMD AM5 motherboard users can be certain that AMD will continue to support them. That’s great news for AMD fans, and existing AM5 users. They can now look forward to years of CPU upgrade options that support today’s AM5 motherboards. Even so, it should be remembered that AMD’s newest CPUs will likely run at their best on their newer motherboard platforms. After all, they will have more optimised memory support, enhanced IO options, and other new platform features.

You can join the discussion on AMD’s AM5 support plans on the OC3D Forums.

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