AMD: Expect to hear about Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper “soon”

Ryzen 3rd Gen points towards and incredible future for Threadripper

AMD: Expect to hear about Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper “soon”

At Hot Chips 2019, AMD’s CEO, Lisa Su, was asked about Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper, with journalists hunting for a potential release date for AMD’s high-end desktop processors. 

Response from Lisa Su ranged from “Soon” to “Less than a year”, later stating that AMD will release more information about Threadripper sometime in 2019. Threadripper sits above AMD’s current lineup of Ryzen AM4 series processors, occupying the company’s larger TR4 socket with more cores, memory channels and PCIe lanes. AMD’s 6-16 core Ryzen 3rd Generation processors may be impressive, but with Threadripper, even higher core/Thread counts are coming. 

Intel is expected to release more X299 processors as part of its Cascade Lake lineup, but team AMD is slated to take the high-performance crown with their incoming 3rd Generation Threadripper processors. AMD already offers up to 32-cores on Threadripper processors, but the benefits of AMD’s Zen 2 designs will minimise the downsides of AMD’s original multi-chip designs to create a compelling product offering with 3rd Generation Threadripper. 

Expect to here about Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper  

AMD’s Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper processors are set to change the world of high-performance desktop computing, offering staggering core counts and a multi-chip design which can properly utilise all of the power available to it. Mark my words, Ryzen 3rd Generation Threadripper will be a gamechanger for high-performance desktops and workstations.

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