AMD impresses with their Ryzen AI 300 series CPUs at Computex

AMD’s 3rd generation of Ryzen AI has arrived, and the 300 series impresses

At Computex 2024, AMD has revealed their new Ryzen AI 300 series of processors. AMD has claimed that they have built the “world’s best processor for Copilot+ PCs”. With advancements to their CPU, GPU, and NPU architectures, AMD has claimed performance gains in all areas, and performance leadership against Intel, Qualcomm, and Apple.

AI Evolution with Ryzen AI 300

AMD’s newest Ryzen mobile processors focus on AI. With their new XDNA 2 architecture, AMD’s new NPU can deliver 50 TOPS of AI performance. That’s a 5x boost in performance over their first generation NPU.

With their new NPU, AMD says that they are ready to deliver “transformative AI experiences” to users, offering more AI TOPS than the competition.

What makes the Ryzen AI 300 series special

AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 series features new CPU, GPU, and NPU architectures. We have AMD Zen 5 and Zen 5C CPU cores, we have RDNA 3.5 graphics, and we have an XDNA 2 NPU. Everything is new with these new Ryzen AI processors. That means that users can expect performance gains in all areas.

Specifications – More cores, more cache, more AI, and more graphics

With their new processors, AMD are offering users more CPU cores, a larger NPU, and more graphics compute units. AMD’s last-generation AI CPUs offered users up to eight CPU cores. This time, AMD offers users up to twelve. Last time, AMD offered users up to twelve GPU compute units. Now, AMD are offering up to sixteen. Beyond that, AMD’s new CPUs now offer users more cache, and a larger NPU.

AMD’s new AI processors are bigger and better than their predecessors.

AMD’s new branding

With their 3rd generation AI processors comes new branding. AMD claims that this new branding will help users differentiate between their new AI processors. In time, we will see how easy to understand their new branding is. For now, it just sounds a lot like what Intel is doing…

XDNA 2 – AMD’s Next-Generation NPU

With XDNA 2, AMD are offering users increased power efficiency and increased throughput. AMD has claimed to deliver up to a 2x boost in power efficiency over their XDNA 1 NPUs, and up to a 5x increase in compute capacity. This is a huge boost for a single processor generation. This proves that there is a lot of space for innovation and advancement within the NPU space. Can AMD repeat this success when it is time for XDNA 3?

With their new XDNA 2 NPU, AMD claims to have the most powerful NPU on the market. They claim to deliver more AI TOPS than the latest CPUs from Intel, Qualcomm and Apple. This places AMD as the leader of the AI PC market, at least when it comes to NPU performance. Obviously, discrete AI accelerators will be more powerful than these small, power efficient NPUs.

AI Accuracy

With their XDNA 2 NPUs, AMD claims to offer users the “world’s first “Block FP16 NPU”, offering users increased AI performance and accuracy. AMD claims that this allows them to surpass their rivals in many AI applications, where 16-bit compute is required.

VS Qualcomm

AMD are claiming leadership performance in the Copilot+ AI PC market. Below, we can see many tests where AMD’s newest CPUs can beat their Qualcomm counterparts.

VS Apple

When Apple launched their M1 series of CPUs, they shook the CPU market. Now, AMD claims performance leadership in the ultra-thin and light product category. Apple’s M3 CPU may be powerful, but AMD claims to have surpassed it.

VS Intel

Against Intel’s current-generation Ultra series, AMD claims performance leads as high as 73%. With Intel revealing next-generation CPUs at Computex, I wonder how AMD’s new CPUs compare to Intel’s upcoming Ultra 200 series.

Ryzen AI 300 in Gaming Workloads

In gaming workloads, AMD claims 28-47% performance advantages over Intel’s Core Ultra 185H. One has to wonder how AMD’s new CPUs will compare with Intel’s next-gen offerings. After all, they will use Xe2 graphics.

A new generation of AI PCs with Ryzen AI 300

AMD’s Ryzen AI 300 series has already proved popular amongst OEMs. AMD has confirmed that over 100 platforms will become available from OEMs starting in July 2024. AMD expects to gain laptop market share with their Ryzen AI 300 series!

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