AMD Raven Ridge Ryzen 3 2200G CPU has been delidded

AMD Raven Ridge Ryzen 3 2200G CPU has been delidded

AMD Raven Ridge Ryzen 3 2200G CPU has been delidded

AMD’s Raven Ridge products are designed to service the low-end desktop and mobile markets, delivering up to four Zen CPU cores and up to 704 Vega GPU cores to deliver AMD’s most powerful APU to date. 

What is worth noting here is die size, with AMD’s Raven Ridge chip measuring in at 209.78 mm squared, while the company’s Summit Ridge 8-core Ryzen chips measure in at 213mm squared. This similarity in die size makes Raven Ridge almost as large as Ryzen, making the cost per chip very similar, making AMD Raven Ridge a low margin product when compared to Ryzen, which can sell at retail for a much higher price.     

This large die size has forced AMD to find more ways to lower the price of their Raven Ridge APUs, as to achieve this die size AMD has already reduced the number of graphics PCIe lanes the chip offered and decreased the chips amount of L3 cache. AMD has decided with this launch to sell these CPUs unsoldered to increase this product’s margins and make their sales more profitable. 

AMD has confirmed this in their Raven Ridge reviewers guide, which makes the following statement:

       Not shown in the table (a table referring to CCX changes, GPU PCIe lanes and L3 Cache sizes) are cost-reducing changes to packaging and assembly, including a revised CPU package and a transition to a traditional nonmetallic TIM for the 2400G and 2200G. These changes further improve the price competitiveness of the Ryzen™ 2000G Series products in a highly competitive midrange market. Furthermore, the new CPU package allowed us to officially support JEDEC DDR4-2933: the highest official memory clock of any consumer processor. 

When we read this our first thoughts on the matter were “delidding?”, but our limited review timeframe and our future plans for our Raven Ridge test samples have left us in a position where it would be unwise to attempt delidding. 

Thankfully other tech reviewers have decided to attempt delidding, with the Russian PRO Hi-Tech YouTube channel being the first to try a Raven Ridge Delid. This delid further confirms AMD’s use of a thermal paste on their Raven Ridge CPUs, though at this time it is unknown how much delidding will improve Raven Ridge’s thermals.   


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