AMD 5100 Quad Core Processors Spotted

AMD AM4 OEM Processors Spotted

AMD AM4 Support Continues

If you are paying incredibly close attention to driver releases and BIOS updates, it is easy to get glimpses of things that might be coming in the future but haven’t yet been announced, or even things that are already available but appeared without any fanfare at all.

AMD moved the majority of their new processors to the AM5 socket and all the leading-edge technologies that supports. If you’ve been following AMD for any amount of time you’ll know that they delight in supporting their older sockets for as long as possible. It’s one of their most desirable traits. You can buy a motherboard and be sure that you will be able to drop something new into it for a significant amount of the future.

First brought to our attention in this article, it seems that AMD have stealthily launched some new 5000 series Ryzen processors that run on the AM4 platform. When you pop along to somewhere like Gigabyte, and look through their BIOS update notes you can see that there are a couple of unknown names appeared in the CPU list. We’ve cropped it down to highlight the models in question and you can click to embiggen.

AMD AM4 OEM Processors Spotted 

Like a lot of quiet launches they are aimed mainly at OEM supplies and therefore are more likely to be found in a online affordable system type shop than your hardware emporium of choice. Nonetheless the Ryzen 7 has gained a 5700 8C16T based upon their Cezanne core and available with and without integrated graphics. Similarly at the very low end is the only non-graphics quad core in the AMD Ryzen 5000 range, the Ryzen 3 5100. Very old school with it’s hyperthreaded quad-core base.

Okay none of these are going to worry the gaming people in the audience, and without being able to get them off the shelf – unless you’re an OEM – it’s not significantly interesting beyond how nice it is to see AMD resolutely sticking to their plan of supporting older sockets for as long as possible.

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