AMD’s Refreshed B2 Zen 3 CPUs won’t be sold as new models

AMD's Refreshed B2 Zen 3 CPUs won't be sold as new models

AMD’s Refreshed B2 Zen 3 CPUs won’t be sold as new models

Earlier this week, new AMD Ryzen 5000 series CPUs OPNs came to light, revealing several new potential Ryzen 5000 series CPU models. This lead to speculation that AMD planned to refresh its Ryzen 5000 series CPU lineup with enhanced XT models, though AMD has since disproven this claim with a statement to  

AMD has confirmed that these new B2 Ryzen 5000 series CPUs will not be released as new models. AMD’s B2 Zen 3 stepping had been designed to improve AMD’s Zen 3 manufacturing, providing no performance enhancements or functionality improvements. 

Below is AMD’s statement to, which has been translated to English. 


As part of our continued effort to expand our manufacturing and logistics capabilities, AMD will gradually rollover AMD Ryzen 5000 Series Desktop Processors to B2 Revision over the next 6 months. It does not bring functionality or performance improvements, and no BIOS update is required.

What does AMD’s Zen 3 B2 stepping do? 

AMD’s B2 Ryzen 5000 series processors will be phased in over the next six months, offering users the same performance and functionality as their predecessors while improving the yield rate of AMD’s manufacturing process. 

For consumers, nothing will change, as these new processors do not require new BIOS/motherboard firmware updates to function. What will change is AMD’s manufacturing capabilities. The company’s new B2 stepping should allow AMD to increase their production efficiency and create more usable processors with every wafer they produce.

The benefits of this new stepping are obvious for AMD. Increased manufacturing rates will allow AMD to supply more processors to their customers. Increased wafer productivity will increase AMD’s profitability, as they will be able to use more chips out of every silicon wafer. Consumers get access to a larger CPU supply, and AMD will generate more profit from its Zen 3 silicon wafers.  

AMD's Refreshed B2 Zen 3 CPUs won't be sold as new models   
At this time, AMD has confirmed no plans to refresh its Zen 3 CPU lineup or any plans to replace it with Zen 3 or Zen 4 processors. 

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